Weekly Journal Prompt, Week Thirteen and Week Fourteen

04 06 2015 weekly sketch week 13

Oh my goodness, I feel like I am over something of a hump. I had some paintings to get done to try and get into a show and others I wanted to finish and (hopefully) get into a gallery. That is not to say that I am done with projects…I never am. BUT the feeling of doing a ton of work out of the way so you can get onto the next thing is wonderful. That also means I currently owe you, my tens of readers, two weeks worth of journal prompts.

Last week, I went with my husband to a fly fishing thing. There were demos, silent and live auctions, as well as dinner. It was actually pretty nice, but there is only so much interest I have in fishing. But I did have my sketchbook on hand, so I took care of my journal prompt from last week…

draw your environment

It’s really easy to get caught int this mindset that you have to be someplace officially “inspiring” to sketch or get good ideas. That is not the case. You can find ideas or at least practice your skills where ever you are. In this case, I did a little life drawing of the goldfishes at our table. I also peppered in quotes from the keynote speech. And because my husband is a really good sport, it didn’t even phase him.

04 06 2015 weekly sketch week 14

This more recent weekend, I was NOT in a good mood. I have no idea why. Sometimes I am just in a mood that I can’t shake. So when I was looking at my list for a prompt I could use to lift myself out of my funk. So for this week, the theme is…

looking forward

It worked out decently for me. I chose a really dark patterned background because I wanted my text to be less readable and resemble a pattern more than actual text. Journaling is really wonderful for getting frustrations out so they aren’t wasting and tainting your head space. However, I don’t always want to be able to go back and read all those negative bits. In those cases, I find ways to disguise , cover or alter text so they just look pretty and not so angry.

Something else I think I should do soon is make something for myself. And that is because I do that less often than you would think. I tend to build up my Pinterest with tons of ideas that I would like to do. But then they always get pushed to the back burner so I can do other things for other people. So I should make myself a fun summer dress or even just a simple bracelet. It’s time.

Hopefully you readers out there (current or future) are having fun with some of these prompts. I know they have been wonderfully helpful for me. Have a great week all!

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