Katherine Jore, mixed media acrylic artist

Sunday, April 3, 2016.
Plein air afternoon, Sunday, April 3, 2016

Though I was born in South Dakota, I grew up in many different places throughout the Midwest. My family came to Montana just in time for me to start high school, and I have called it home ever since. As a child, I was always making something. My brother and I spent a lot of time at local Universities, museums and libraries, which only fueled my desire to learn. With family members interested in everything from cooking and sewing to painting and crocheting, I absorbed a variety of skills. Some of my best memories are linked with paints, clay, yarn and time spent outside. This is what still drives me even as an adult artist: a deep, passionate love of learning and finding new ways to create beautiful art.

My biggest reason for painting is to connect with others through this unique perspective on the world. While I pursued my formal art education in Northern Minnesota, I spent a great deal of time outdoors doing art and thinking about how I wanted my work to grow. While there, I came to understand more about acrylic paint and it quickly became a medium I love. Even though acrylic painting was not my main focus for a few more years, it has been a medium I have worked in consistently for over a decade. Acrylic mixed media is now my chosen medium because I find it so stimulating. With all the additives you can use and the beautiful, super-tactile finished product, it is just the perfect paint to me.

My love of painting is matched by my love of outdoor landscapes. Not just the ones I see where I live, but those I live in vicariously through photos and paintings. Everywhere I go, I am writing down what I see and collecting tiny scraps of the world around me. Often I just stare at my surroundings to soak them all in. Even though not everything turns into a finished piece of art, it all melds together in my brain and each individual memory or note eventually has it’s own influence. I love being able to take what I find in the natural world and add layers inspired by all the visual influence I am constantly cataloging. The trees, flowers and morning skies are a never-ending source of inspiration for me. Mix those natural beauties with fabrics and traditional global handcrafts, and that is the foundation of my work. Because I love to learn and try new techniques, I find myself reading as many books as I can to ensure my work stays fresh.

Currently, my work focuses heavily on representing natural forms in exaggerated colors. I love to see the look on a person’s face when they see a painting of mine for the first time and are delighted with the bright hues and dynamic forms. My hope is that by rooting my work in the natural beauty of Montana, I can connect with my viewers in a meaningful way. I am also strongly motivated to be a good example for my kids. I paint to show them how working hard at doing what you love has a wonderful range of benefits. No matter if I am talking to a close family member or someone I just met, by putting out a visual representation of my thoughts, I feel I am able to connect with people despite any differences we may have. Few things in this world speak louder than sharing the fruits of creativity.


To put it simply…

The paintings of Daydream House by me, Katherine Jore, are abstractions rooted in patterns and landscapes of the natural world, presented in over-the-top color.

What I value…

I takes pride in creating high-quality art that speaks to the human love of color. By reinterpreting the natural world, she seeks to build treasures that make their owners deeply and genuinely happy. All of this is achieved through art that is approachable and continually evolving.

What the future holds…

I am working to become a go-to artist in the region for abstract works and fantastically inspired western landscapes. As Daydream House grows and becomes profitable, I continue to expand my cultivation of art in others. This comes in the form of classes, comprehensive art shows and in-classroom demonstrations. All this is to maintain the inclusive and accessible nature of Daydream House.


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