5 to Feed

5 to Feed LOGO

What is 5 to Feed and what does this have to do with art?

5 to Feed is a challenge I am issuing to any artist or maker who may see this. It is not strictly about art, but getting kids fed is essential, so that is reason enough for me.

Seriously, what does this mean?

I want to challenge artists and makers to find their 5 to create concrete assistance to their local food causes. This can take on many forms:

  • $5 from each sale.
  • 5% of the sales price of your favorite painting
  • donate 5 pieces a year to food bank fundraiser auctions
  • roll out a series of 5 inch paintings sold for this cause
  • paint a number 5 and auction it off on your site

The ideas really are endless, and I really want to see where YOU take it.

But what are the rules?

Don’t get hung up on rules, it’s simple really. There are a lot of really good organizations that are doing the hard work of getting food to kids. If this matters to you, if you have been searching for a way to give back, this is all you do:

  • Find your 5
  • Share it publicly — if you want — using the logo and hashtag #5tofeed
  • Follow through and get your 5 to a local food bank, soup kitchen, school pantry

But what is Kate’s 5?

For now, it is $5 from every painting I sell. I have it written into my financial business goals to get up to donating 5% of total sales every year. As a boost to the 5 to Feed kickoff, I am giving 5% of a recent commission. All the money I gather from my 5 will be spent to get food for Cole’s Pantry at my child’s school. Right now, it sends 17 kids home with backpacks full of food for the weekend.

So please get out there and find your 5 to Feed!