Weekly Journal Prompt, Week Twenty…and some avoidance

05 19 2015 weekly journal week 20

April was a really good month for me. I got to teach three classes and help out with a kid’s birthday party. I set up a booth at the downtown ArtWalk. I even got accepted into another juried show. But for some reason, even with all that, I spent a good chunk of the month fighting back a lot of self-doubt and stress about getting things done. Apparently this sad little blog got the brunt of it. By that, I mean I totally dropped the ball. I fell behind one week, meant to catch up…than started beating myself up for being too far behind. I tried to do enough really great journal pages to make up missed posts. And then I kept telling myself I have no readers anyway, so it’s no big deal if I don’t write. Then it was that I have been gone so long, how do I explain myself? Proof positive that no one is harder on  me than me.

So here I am, five weeks behind, finally writing a new post for a blog I have been directing my students to come to for ideas. While there is a clearly some sort of disconnect in my workflow, I have made a decision…I am okay with that. This past year has been crazy busy for making art and going to shows and making connections and learning more new things than I can handle all at once. I screwed up and I am going to forgive myself. On the upside, that means I also have an actual, real, complete journal page to share with you. And maybe even inspire you a bit. So for this week, look to

a favorite quote

Oh man, I hope I haven’t used that already. If so, oh well. There are a lot of really great quotes out there. Just write it out and see where it takes you. I started this one on a pre-printed page to make things easier on myself. It’s a trick I often use when I am really stressed out. It ended up being really fun, like a coloring page. Plus, the quote I chose is really appropriate for my life right now. Inspiration really does take work, despite sounding like something that just floats into your personal space.

Now my radio station is looping around to weird corners of the internet and the wine is kicking in, so it’s time for some sleep. I think even just putting this post up and telling you all how I have been feeling lately has helped me feel a bit better. Now I just need to make sure to re-read this after some sleep and make sure it’s all coherent. Sleep tight everyone.

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