Weekly Journal Prompt, Week Twelve

03 22 2015 journal week 12

It has been another interesting week at our house. Another round of colds for everyone, which is unusual for us. But luckily I was feeling good enough on Saturday to make it to something I have been very excited for. But before I get into that, let me share the journal prompt for this week. It is…

outdoor spaces

That is probably not what you were expecting if you tried to guess from the picture above. That is because I took a different approach this week. I chose a page I already had a background with lots of layers of purple tissue paper and lime green glitter paint. In case you didn’t guess, my daughter helped with that. Once I had the paper chosen, I had my husband look at my list of journal prompts and choose one. Outdoors spaces is what he chose. Since the background and the prompt didn’t immediately mesh in my head, I just decided to have fun and not worry about the technical aspects of it. I used this photo from last weekend as a jumping off point.

03 22 2015 beehive comm center

It may not be my favorite journal page yet, but it was a lot of fun. And I can’t totally dislike something with that much glitter in it.

But enough about the prompt, I want to talk about the weekend! I can’t recall if I said anything, but I was accepted into the Montana Artrepreneur Program. The core of the program isĀ teaching visual artists the skills they need to succeed in the business end of their art. It’s probably no big shocker that not a lot of artists naturally excel in those areas. Besides that, there is sometimes a stunning lack of support. You can sit on the computer and find books, websites and courses all claiming to teach these things, but it can be hard to tell which are really worth your time and expense. Also, it’s pretty damn hard to beat in real life classes with fellow artists who can give you feedback in real time.

In total, this program is comprised of four 10-hour sessions and a handful of smaller sessions in between. And I also have to work through an inch-thick stack of reading and worksheets. When all is said and done, I should be ready to tackle pretty much any arty business task that gets thrown at me. Since the class itself is copyright protected and all that good stuff, I won’t ever outline anything in specific detail. But I will be sharing little insights and fun things that happen during class time.

And in the spirit of staying on top of class work, I am off to start my reading now. Have a great weekend all!

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