Weekly Journal Prompt, Week One


My project this year is to give you, my readers, a new journal prompt every Sunday of the year. Make it a quick journal page or take it over the top. Talk about what you love or what you hate, just get it on paper. And enjoy the process.

As soon as Christmas was over with, I love on top of one of my favorite activities…list making. I whipped up an idea list of 52 plus journal prompt ideas. There are so many I could have chosen from. In the end, here is what I chose…


I picked this for a few reasons. One, it doesn’t exactly fit the usual New Year’s resolution fever that hits this time of year. I always feel conflicted about resolutions this time of year. Another reason is fireworks (for me anyway) really mean the new year is here. My birthday is on New Year’s Day, and as a kid watching fireworks go off outside and on TV, I always thought they were for me. Finally, they are so fun to draw!

So get to it! Take the idea of fireworks and run with it. And happy Sunday everyone!

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