Wrapping Up Another Year

I finally got my daughter's  permanent Christmas stocking done...after five years.
I finally got my daughter’s permanent Christmas stocking done…after five years.

In my usual style, I am waiting until the last hours of the year to wrap things up. I have spent a lot of time thinking about what I did right and what I could have done better this year. Over all, I am trying not to be too hard on myself. I had a pretty good year! Thanks to my husband encouraging me, I actually put up a booth at an art fair and got some pieces sold. I am also getting better at balancing out everything that has to get done during the day. Hopefully the improvement will be continual.

This past year of blogging, I think I tried a little too hard to force a structure that wasn’t really me. I have learned a few different times I am not the kind of person who can be trusted to have every single post fit into a specific format and schedule. Some sort of predictability is good, but too much is just not my style. After thinking really hard, I decided I need to get back to why I started my little blog…I want to inspire other people to be actively creative. So in that spirit, there is one thing I will schedule for the year.

Every Sunday, I will share a journal prompt and my version of it. Whether you are new to journaling or not, it can help to have a springboard of sorts to get your brain flowing. This coming year, I will be teaching some journaling workshops at Better to Gather, so I figure some blog posts along the same lines would be helpful. Other than that, I will just let what happens happens. I will continue to share my day-to-day projects, but I am also working up some better tutorials for a few people who have requested them.

I guess the biggest takeaway for all of us at the end of another year is to always try moving forward, accept sometimes you don’t do your best and always try something new. And make art, of course. Now I’m off to have chocolate lava cake and play with mega sparklers. Happy new year everyone!!

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