Weekly Journal Prompt, Week Two

01 11 2015

My project this year is to give you, my readers, a new journal prompt every Sunday of the year. Make it a quick journal page or take it over the top. Talk about what you love or what you hate, just get it on paper. And enjoy the process.

This week completely got away from me. Things I needed to get done got delayed. Partly due to my husband being gone and partly because I spent two days with a constant headache that was constantly threatening to turn into a migraine. But the things that had to get done were eventually taken care of and I got a bit of journaling done. So this week the prompt is…


Good feelings, bad feelings, light stuff, or things you don’t want to talk about. Whatever you want because it’s your own space. For me, because of the week, I journaled about stress. That is why the page is a royal, disjointed, crazy mess: that is how stress makes me feel. Luckily, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I am sure that is in part due to the fact that I get these things on paper before they get too nuts. Most of the time.

Now that my page is done and I am feeling better, it’s off to plot out the next week. Lots of fun things will be happening this year, and I need to be ready. Have a great week everyone!

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