I got one thing done…

Man, those beans smelled sooo good. It was a quick preview of the months of baking ahead.
Man, those beans smelled sooo good. It was a quick preview of the months of baking ahead.

…and it feels WONDERFUL! I have been away from the computer for about two weeks, other than a few minutes here and there to email out baby pictures. The good thing is, everything went smooth. Surgery went well, the new little boy is healthy and my daughter is thrilled to be a big sister. In the few spare minutes I have, I have been playing card games with my daughter or catching up with visitors who want to see the new baby. But I did get one thing done.

With Christmas sneaking up, I started up vanilla extract. I did make some last year as well, but I felt bad because I started it so late that everyone really got light tan vodka. Then I had to tell them to wait at least 2 months to use it. Not this year. I went to the liquor store while HUGELY pregnant and bought the two biggest bottles of vodka I could find. I bought my beans online this year because they came out to be half the price and slightly better quality. The only downside is I didn’t count up how many beans I would need and just had to place another order. However, math was my friend when I calculated how much all the extract cost me: $7.22 per 250 ml. Awesome. I have decided to go nuts and make two 750 ml bottles. That is a ton of extract, but they are both going to families who bake a lot, so I feel pretty good about it.

So minor victory, accomplished. And now that my stitches are healing and I feel more and more like moving, I am sure more things will happen. Like coming back to blogging more…I have missed it so.

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