This weekend was lots of doing

Puff pancake, strawberries and breve. Starting the weekend right.
Puff pancake, strawberries and breve. Starting the weekend right.

Well, I said it on Friday, and that was apparently motivation enough to keep up with my weekend. I didn’t leave the house for an energy-sucking trip to town. I never set my alarm and spent Saturday and Sunday mornings cuddling with my sweet girl. I feel relaxed, happy and accomplished. Even better, I have a record of it.

Saturday we made bird feeders. They were simple and fun, and now the bird are hanging around even more.

06092013 lots of doing 2

I finally found and set up the tent. And as soon as it was up, my kiddo grabbed an armful of books and sat in there reading for a good 45 minutes. Which was perfect because it gave me a chance to drink coffee and do some reading myself. These are the golden days…still not too hot, no huge gusts or wind and the mosquitos aren’t quite hatched. Gotta take advantage of that.

06092013 lots of doing 3

The lettuce we planted is poking up!

06092013 lots of doing 4

And after watering the lettuce, someone had the fun of making footprints on the patio.

06092013 lots of doing 5

And she generally managed to just get dirty.

06092013 lots of doing 6

I made a baby blanket for my husband’s best friend. It’s simple, but it’s soooo soft and cute.

06092013 lots of doing 7

And I got the pieces cut out for a swaddle blanket for our new kiddo. I will just need to read these directions REALLY carefully so the velcro lands in the right place.

06092013 lots of doing 8

To wrap up the weekend, I washed and chopped 6 pounds of strawberries. I froze enough for three strawberry-rhubarb crisps, my husband’s fave. I also had enough to make 5 small jars of freezer jam and then I cooked down the rest with agave for a weeks worth of lassi. Oh, and I made muffins.

06092013 lots of doing 9So overall, I am feeling pretty damn good. I feel like I struck that ideal (and rare) balance between getting stuff done and just relaxing. I’m sure I will be coming back to this post to remember that it can be done. See you all tomorrow!

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  1. Lady, you know how to nest!! 🙂 That’s quite the strawberry assortment. I am a sucker for a good strawberry-rhubarb anything! Keep on finding that balance.

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