Up Late: More collage work

Flowers everywhere!!!
Flowers everywhere!!!

Work on this has been slow going. Partly because I am thinking too hard. I feel as if I have been up against a wall. But I think I have broken through that and realized what needs to be done.

There are recurring themes in my sketchbooks and photos, plant life being one of the largest. I record trees and flowers with something that may be bordering on obsession. And since I already painted a few orchids on this, why not continue the trend. So I went through my photos and printed out some floral photos, mostly from our Seattle trip. The only downside is now that I applied the medium to transfer, I have to wait overnight for everything to take hold. I hate waiting, but the anticipation morphs into action very easily, so that’s good.

So now for waiting…

The white bits are the parts I am waiting on.
The white bits are the parts I am waiting on.

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