Hitting reset

The western half of the state was smoky and gross, but it made for some interesting pictures of pretty sunrises.

In case you couldn’t tell by now, the past few weeks have been very trying. Firing, funeral, general stress….blech. But as of today, all that is over and I am officially hitting reset. I have let go of week’s worth of stress and yuckiness, and in the best possible way…a party. A few girls and I got together for sushi, wine and cake for a nice, low-key bachelorette party. Nothing beats stress like just forgetting it and having a chat with good people. There are so few girls I want to hang out with, so it feels good knowing I have a few.

But this bachelorette party signals something — a new deadline. Since the wedding is a masquerade ball, I have a mask and a gift to make. So I best get on it. In the least stressful way possible. That means I am getting back on track with everything from sleeping to crafting. So keep an eye out, because there are some awesome things coming.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Wow. I’ve been offline so I’ve missed a bunch – just caught up. Sorry to hear about the rather rough patch but glad to hear that you’ve hit “reset”. Hoping fall goes well for you and less stressful…

    As always, your art the past two months is gorgeous.

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