Firestarter Friday exercise part 4: Finding my muse

Sketching time is good time.

When I have a busy week already and the assignment is titled “Putting your muse into action“, it does make me feel a bit nervous. There was a (very brief) moment where I told myself everyone would understand if I skipped one week. But then I remembered the whole point is to learn to find inspiration in everyday life. And while this has been a busy, sad and stressful week, it is far from catastrophic. So I am powering through. And it actually turned out to be easier than I expected.

Last night after finishing my daughter’s  scarf, and put away the yarn and crochet hook in favor of paper, pencil and markers. I wasn’t feeling like doing any direct drawing from life. A literal translation of a plant or anything else I had shot a picture of in this process seemed too easy. I wanted to take it a step further and combine elements from several different things I have seen. And after seeing the shrinky dink necklace Alisa has on her blog, I kind of want to make my own.

But since I have no shrinky dinks to play with, sketching was next up. At the top is what I have been working on in pockets of time the past two days.  Since this is a bit more abstract and I’m working on an exercise, I will do something unusual for me and explain what all the elements are. All my ideas for this sketch came from our trip to the quilt show last weekend. The long wiggly shapes were inspired by baskets of sheep’s wool at the fiber tables. The grey geometric shapes in the back are inspired by the piecework that I saw everywhere. Last, but clearly not least, the flowers and bright colors were drawn from the many amazing florals I shot pictures of.

So now I have four weeks of Finding My Muse under my belt, and only one more to go. With another long car ride home, it shouldn’t be too hard to practice.

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