Necklaces, necklaces (and some spoilers for swap partners)

There is just something so wonderfully warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from making stuff for others. I love making Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, shower gifts and wedding gifts. And when those seasons aren’t around, I love swaps.

Well, I have to admit I have had a love/hate relationship with swapping. For several years, I had a great time and spent pretty much all my extra money on craft supplies and shipping costs. But then at the end, I got some really bad packages. Like horribly thoughtless packages. In one case, I etched a set of glasses with a team logo for my partner, and I got a cd jewel case with stickers on it, some of which had peeled off in shipping. No exaggeration. Other packages came with poorly made items and some packaged so badly they shattered in the mail. It was really frustrating because I worked so hard in making sure I made things people really loved. So I called it quits. And I haven’t joined a single swap in a year and a half.

But then, a few weeks ago, I cracked. This swap you make one pendant each for five people. I figured that would be a good deal because even if one or two people drop the ball, I could still get something pretty. I have gotten two packages so far, and I will share pictures as soon as I get them all. But until then, here are the ones I made.

This little guy is three layers of watercolor paper with some metallic paint accents.
And I liked the last one so much, I made one for me!
This one has two different color light gels in the center…
…which looks very cool when held up to light.
A sweet decorative paper scrap with beautiful silver details.
A piece of wood I got on vacation. I smoothed it out and added the holes with my dremel. I really felt like this lady needed something funky but natural.
And the lace pendant. I layered iridescent paper behind the lace to give it some oomph.