I’m back! And I missed you all

I DO love being in the trees! How did they know?

Before you get all twitchy, I did not carve that into the tree. It was just there and I took it as a sign that the hike would be worth it. And it was. Instead of boring you with the play-by-play, I will just share some favorite shots. Then tomorrow I will share pictures of the necklaces I made over the weekend.

Our little cabin in the woods. Minus the insaneo bugs, this was pretty much a perfect spot.
And the view from our porch.
The camp dog who made friends with us and followed us around. The only downside is she is deaf. So I spent a good portion of the weekend trying to call the dog and then feeling like a total idiot.
My requisite flower photo in pink…

Before this trip, one of my wishes was to see a moose in the wild. Now I have seen 14. This one wandered right behind our cabin, 20 feet away from where we were standing.
My cheesey pre-hike face. This trail dropped 500 feet in just under .4 miles. Trust me, I was not smiling after the hike up.
The bottom of the trail to our destination.
Our reward for the steep hike down. Dual waterfalls and a beautiful cool pool. Plus, we had the entire place to ourselves for several hours.
Little hands finding little rocks.
I managed to take a break from toddler chasing to get a bit of painting done. It was just hot enough my watercolors were drying very fast. Which actually worked well for painting rocks.
More flowers. I am officially in love with lupine…
…and whatever these tiny blue babies are.
I took some really fun and different pictures of trees. This uprooted one was one of my favorites. THis will be fun for sketching or photo transfer later.
Tiny baby birds at the cabin. So cool!