Giveaway time!

Just think how fabulous this will look on some lucky readers sewing table.

Oh, I am so happy because it’s HERE! Today is May Giveaway Day, courtesy of Sew Mama Sew. I am so thrilled I am just going to cut right to the chase and tell you how you can win this cathedral window pincushion I made. So here are the details:

  • Yes, I will ship internationally.
  • You have to answer  one of the questions below to win. If you just paste in something saying “check out my giveaway at my blog” I will NOT approve it. It really defeats the purpose of this giveaway to hit every blog and paste the same comment into every one. So please be a good sport.
  • All the SMS giveaways are officially open until May 25th, 5 p.m. PST. However, since 5 p.m. PST is during my last half hour of work, there will be a tiny grace period. I will be shutting down entries about an hour late. 
  • Please take the time to go back to Sew Mama Sew, check out the other bloggers participating and show them some love.
  • One side note: my home computer is still out for repairs. So if you comment after about 4 MST, I will approve the next morning. So if you don’t see your comment right away, please don’t panic. I really do take the time to read every one.

It really is that simple! So just answer one of these questions in the comments. And don’t forget to leave contact information so I can get a hold of you if you win.

  1. If you either live in Seattle or have been there recently, what is the best thrift or indie craft supply store you have been to?
  2. If you can’t answer the above question, then try this one. What is your current material or tool obsession?

So that’s it! Enter now and good luck to you. Happy May Giveaway Day everyone!

Giveaway is officially closed! If you want to comment, you can, but it won’t be in the running to win a sweet pincushion.

Aaaaand now we have a winner! Carly over at Citric Sugar is the soon-to-be owner of this little lovely. If you get a chance, go check out her blog. She has some superfun quilting and food pictures that are well worth a look. Here is her comment:

Congrats to everyone and thanks for the support for me and Sew Mama Sew May Giveaway Day!


  1. Your pincushion is so cute! I love cathedral windows. My obsession lately is my Quick Curve Ruler I just received for Mother’s Day!

  2. Right now I love linen fabric. It is so nice for summer and I love the way some of the linen blends look for dresses. BTW, this pin cushion is so cute!

  3. I haven’t been to Seattle recently, so I’ll answer your second question. I’m just learning how to sew and I’m obsessed with all the fun fabrics and projects that can be done! But for now, I’m attempting to focus my obsession on my niece’s upcoming 1st birthday party decorations. Hoping that this beginner can make a few banners for her strawberry party. 🙂

  4. Hi – I’ve been quietly visiting your blog for a little while. I really like it and think this pin cushion is adorable. So, I’ve never been to Seattle and I’m not allowing myself any cloth obsessions at the moment. I have so much fabric stocked up that I’m forcing myself to use it down before I allow myself to get anything new.

  5. lovely pin cushion! I haven’t been to Seattle in more than 30 years, sorry! But I am obsessed with fabric, all fabric! Specifically solids these days

  6. I am obsessed with my vintage Kenmore sewing machine. I have newer, more expensive machines, but this Kennie is a workhorse!

  7. What a grogeous pincushion! I’ve yet to play with Cathedral Wndow but it’s been lurking on the edges trying to get in among the other things I’m eager to try. I live on “the other coast” so I’ll go for Question #2: my latest obsession is my new-to-me Pfaff sewing machine! I think she’ll prove to be a serious workhorse and I’m having fun learning her ways.

  8. I wish I could answer the first question, I’ve only visited Seattle once and it was such a fabulous city.
    As for the second question…hmmmm…I don’t know so I’ll say I am obsessed with my new sewing table, which is a vintage desk my friend refinished in a lovely aqua blue.

  9. I only go to Seattle when I watch Grey’s Anatomy on TV 🙂 and I don’t remember ever seeing any stores there except for the bar.
    I’m always obsessed with buttons and fabric… and pincushions made of fabric and buttons! Actually, you have inspired me to giveaway some Portuguese vintage buttons. I have to go take some pictures.


  10. Closest I’ve been to Seattle is Vancouver. Maybe some day. My favorite tool is a seamripper, which I need rather too often.My husband got me a great one for Christmas from Etsy. Its handle is wooden, and there’a a seamripper tip on both ends that is reversible so you don’t poke yourself when it’s not in use. Style and function. Gotta love it! Thanks for this chance.

  11. My crochet hook is my current tool obsession. I like that I can take it with me anywhere. 🙂 That is a cute pincushion. ( I have to admit I desperately need one- I lost my last one! Ok, I think my children lost my last one)

  12. This is SOO adorable. I love the different fabric choices… And I don’t have a pincushion either… Just a box I throw my pins back into that isn’t very attractive. My favorite crafting tool right now is my crochet hook. Simple, I know…. I’m starting to learn how to edge a blanket in crochet lace to make a cute baby gift. Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. EEEKKKK!!! Ive been wanting a pincushion like this–I even pinned a tutorial to make one but havent gotten around to it! I would LOVEEEE to win this:)

    Currently my little obsession is believe it or not–spandex…Ya, I know what your thinking. Really its because my almost 2 year old BOY is in gymnastics and I REFUSE to send $40 smackaroo’s on a boys leotard so I am making him some!

  14. Well…I’m a midwesterner, so I can’t answer the first question…As for the second, my serger! does that count as a tool? I love it so much. I use it to finish edges before prewashing fabric and it has made life so much easier. I also love the professional finished seams and such…I whipped up a gift tote for an 8 year old girl in 15 minutes yesterday with the help of my serger! 🙂

  15. Super cute pincushion!

    Wish I could answer the first question, but I’m over here in Michigan. 🙂 Lately, I’ve been obsessed with chandelier earrings findings…which is weird because I usually wear studs.

  16. I have that cathedral pincushion on my small projects to do list…would love to win so I don’t have to make one but still cross it off…ha! Right now I am loving my Olfa rotary cutter…been cutting up a ton of fabric and don’t know what I would do without it! Thanks for the chance! Smiles~Beth

  17. there was a cool scrapbooking store not too far from where my parents lived in Mukilteo, but I think it closed! My current tool obsession is pliers…I’ve been taking apart earrings from garage sales and putting them on fresh new backs from the craft store, which is not sewing, but is sure satisfying crafting!

  18. Love your pincushion! I am currently obsessed with Cloud 9’s ed emberley Happy Drawing. Thanks for the chance!

  19. I love my overlock machine! My husband noticed that I smile when I am using it. 🙂 Such a professional touch…
    Thanks for a lovely giveaway!

  20. Love your cathedral windows – I quilt but find that one hard to get to grips with!
    I adore both Liberty of London fabrics and linen, plain or patterned – and they go together so well too.
    Thank you for the lovely handmade giveaway.

  21. I haven’t been to Seattle since I was in 7th grade (overdue for another trip, perhaps?) Can’t suggest a vintage or craft shop, but fresh Rainier cherries from the Pike Place Market were stupendously memorable. Otherwise, I cannot do without my rotary cutter. That thing revolutionized my life!

  22. I’ve not been to Seattle other than to Sea-Tac! However, next summer we will be spending some time at the family cabin at Birch Bay and will get my butt down to the WA sewing stores 😀

    My favourite tool is my brand new Pfaff machine! Tee hee 🙂 Love it!

  23. My current obsession is felt – needle felt, handmade wet felt, washing machine felt or embellish-made felt – I don’t mind as long as it’s felt!

  24. Really great idea for a pincushion! I am all about jellyrolls these days…and making bags!

  25. I do quilting and I love the chaco liner from Clover! It’s a marking tool that rolls out chalk (sort of like those whiteout rollers they make now.) It goes on really easily and you can just flick the fabric with your fingernail to get rid of it again!

  26. Well, I’m not familiar with the best Seattle thrift shops etc…but down here in Portland I am a fan of ReRun on Fremont in Northeast Portland, they have one of the most eclectic collections, each time you visit it’s a new experience. I also loving the Goodwill Bins stores…you pay by the pound for your found objects. I’ve been able to re-purpose some Garnet Hill boy sheets in a pillowcase and pajama pants! Lastly, Scrap is a fun store on MLK in Portland that is an artist/crafters dream. It is just what the title implies! My favorite sewing gadget is my ballpoint bodkin!

  27. Linen! I love the texture and weight of linen. I’m trying to decide if I should back the quilt I’m making for my baby due this summer in linen…

  28. I do live in Seattle, but my favorite thrift store is Goodwill… Nothing exciting and especially not indie… Oh, well.. Love the pincushion! I’ve never tried this cathedral window thing, but I love how it looks. My favorite new tool is using hair clips instead of pins!! 🙂

  29. I was actually just in Seattle a couple weeks ago when the gorgeous weather was there, but we just did all the touristy stuff (space needle, pike’s, etc.) so to answer your second question I am loving my new rotary cutter and mat I just got. It makes things so much easier!

  30. I work more in paper than in fabric (although, I do a bit of both), but my current tool obsession is my Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher! I am using that thing a TONE!

  31. Lovely pin cushion. I love the cathedral window design.
    I live in Ballard. I like to sew with thrifted fabric (easier on the budget). I have had great luck at the Value Village on 15th and 85th in North Seattle. I’ve gotten great knits, wool, corduroy, fleece, felt, etc. Lots of vintage patterns, notions, and wood embroidery hoops. I think they have better prices and higher quality fabric than the other thrift stores in Seattle. I also got some great deals at the neighborhood garage sale day last year and the Greenwood Senior Center’s annual sale. Good luck!

  32. My current go-to is my Olfa circle cutter. I’m making lots of yo-yos for different projects, and this is a LIFE-SAVER!


  33. I’m loving organic fabrics right now….never been to Seattle, but would love to visit there one day! Kinda long trip from South Carolina! LOL
    Would adore giving that pincushion a new home. 🙂 By the way, your settings are at No-reply-blogger, so you might want to change it? Some giveaway peeps won’t track you down. 😦
    Thanks for stopping by mine!

  34. I love chevron print fabrics 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    melissajpalmer at yahoo dot com

  35. I’m planning a trip to the Seattle area soon and was scrolling through to look for some fun shop stops! Years ago I went on a cruise and we stopped at a Thrift Shop that sold old knitting books and yarn and I wish I could remember the name because I found some great stuff–some help I am!

    My obessesion right now is my Featherweight and daydreaming of a new machine.

  36. Thanks for the having the giveaway. Right now I am all about Lucy’s Crab Shack in the fabric department.

  37. I don’t have a lot of “tools” but the fabric I’m loving right now is California Girl from Fig Tree! Your little pin cushion is darling! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great giveaway! 🙂

  38. I’m ridiculously fond of my Clover Wonder Clips. For bindings, I can imagine using anything else at this point.

    I am also in desperate need of a pincushion – thanks for a chance at a pretty one!

  39. I’ve never been to Seattle, but I do have a new obsession…Minky. I’d heard of it, of course, but recently, I used it to back a baby quilt, and now I’m looking for more ways to work it in to projects. It’s just so darn soft! Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. Love the pin cushion! Right now I feel like I need every specialty ruler out there! I do, at least try to wait until they are on sale. I’ll probably end up with a box of rulers that were used only once! Thanks for the chance to win the pin cushion!

  41. I live in Oregon and haven’t been to Seattle in a while so question number 2 it is. I love my clover iron. I am doing lots of quilts lately and it is the BEST TOOL EVER!

  42. Never been to Seattle, but would love to some day! My favourite tool has to be my rotary cutter. Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. I am obsessed with pincushions and dresden plate designs, so recently bought a dresden ruler after making them all using paper piecing. i have recently made a tiny pincushion with a dresden design on it. Love this giveaway, thank you.

  44. My current tool obsession is with needle threaders. I’ve been embroidering a lot more lately and I guess age is taking its toll as I find a needle threader increasingly indispensable but I have yet to find one that doesn’t break on me after a few days.

  45. I recently bought a Hera marker and I love it! I always worried that the fabric marking pens wouldn’t wash out and leave a mark behind but the Hera is invisible!

  46. My current fabric obsession is. . .the peacock theme! have just purchased yardage of several different lines that feature peacocks, peacock feathers, etc.

    trilliumcreates AT gmail DOT com

  47. I’ve had the best luck at the Downtown Seattle Goodwill when I visit. I live in Mt. Vernon and it is, by far, the best Goodwill there than any I’ve visited across the state.

  48. My current material obsession is hand-dyed wools for rug hooking. Thanks for the giveaway…your pincushion is beautiful.

  49. My current fabric obession is Vintage Modern. I tried to make myself not like it after Bliss but I cannot resist. Love your pin cushion, really great looking….

  50. I haven’t been to Seattle in a few years, but the last few times I went I hung out mostly in Fremont and all the vintage stores there, such a fun neighbourhood (not really cheap though)! Also, my fave sewing tool is, I hate to say, the Internet – YouTube for specific techniques, blogs for inspiration and tutorials, etc. I’m also obsessed with Melody Miller fabric 🙂

  51. I live in North Carolina and have never been to Seattle, but my most recent tool obsession is starch. Not very exciting, but I just started making my own and it makes such a difference in quilting. Thanks for the chance to win!

  52. What a cure pincushion – one can never have too many! My favourite tools at the moment are my embroidery needles 🙂

  53. since I don’t live in Seattle I will answer the tool question… my favorite right now is between my EQ 7 program, my Accuquilt fabric cutter and my Martelli’s strip ruler and cutter.. love them all

  54. One of my favorite tools is my bias tape maker – simple but effective. thanks for the giveaway!

  55. I am sooo in need of a pin cushion and this one is so cute! (my hubby is afraid of pointy things and goes nuts when I leave pins all around the house!
    My current obsession is pretty ribbons!!Though I’m collecting fabrics to start on my first quilt, and I can see that that will be an obsession too!

  56. Thanks for the chance! I just got the AccuQuilt drunkards path and am obsessed with using it!

    lwghosts at yahoo dot com

  57. I am obsessed with fabric… have been buying way too much of it lately! Now i need the time to use it for some nice sewing! That pincushion is really lovely!

  58. If you end up in the Fremont area (I highly recommend this), there are too many to chose from. Eccentric and fun. My all time favorite, though, and it’s been 4 years since we’ve moved away, was Goodwill in Seattle. The biggest Goodwill I’ve ever been in with the biggest collection of kids books. Also it is a Goodwill to a fairly large high-income area so there are ALWAYS incredible finds!

  59. My current obsession is wanting to try Basting Spray. (I saw an awesome Craftsy video where the quilter uses it with great success. I was reluctant to try it because a) I swore I’d never use it after a fusible-batting incident (and was worried spray baste would be the same) and b) I’m cheap and can use pins over and over instead of buying the spray). Anyway, I bought some spray today. Wish me luck LOL
    Thanks for offering up this beautiful pin cushion!

  60. I am dying to spend lots and lots of money on the Ed Emberley fabric from Cloud 9. So I guess that is my material obsession! Thanks for the chance to win!

  61. I live north of Seattle and I visit the local thrift stores as often as I can, mostly Goodwill and Value Village. I love to wander through the shops in Snohomish. I have gathered many vintage items for sewing at yard sales.

  62. I’ve never even been to Seattle :(. Would love to though!

    My current material obsession is FELT. Man oh man I love felt. My workroom looks like a felt explosion right now.

  63. That is one cute pincushion! My current favourite is anything chevron. But since I can’t find any locally, I was forced to make some myself using the striped material from IKEA!

  64. My current obsessions- the weather is turning colder over here so I got out my knitting needles. I LOVE the hoodie that I just finished for my wee boy and I’m trying to decide what to knit next… hmmm decisions decisions!

  65. My current obsession is making yo yos. Target is 20 a day. Doing them all in Christmas fabric and they will become decorations to be gifted. I have been to Seattle once, and eager to get back.


  66. Currently I can’t get enough of thrifted fabric to up cycle. I just love to find a little vintage at the op shop.

  67. That is so pretty. I’ve never been to Seattle, I’ve never been anywhere in the US, but at the moment I seem to be doing a lot of work with felt

  68. Yup, that will definitely look great on my sewing table. My current obsession is my new Toothbrush Needle for creating rag rugs. I travel quite a bit, so this is something I can do on airplanes, and it gets rid of some of the uglier fabric in my stash.

  69. What a gorgeous pincushion! thank you for the chance to win it 🙂

    My latest obession is the new Singer that launched recently – it’s a replica of the old Singer model and I cannot hint enough to hubby, but alas – he’s deaf to my pleas – hahaha. Oh well, guess I’m writing it off as something to drool over whilst window-shopping on my PC 🙂

    marilize (dot) paulsen (at) gmail (dot) com

  70. Like someone else said, I’m obsessed with Liberty of London fabrics but I also like the London Calling line.

  71. Never been to Seattle, but my favorite tool is my Clover Hera Marker. It’s great when the fabric I’m trying to mark is too dark for a marking pen and chalk won’t show up.

  72. What is your current material or tool obsession? Okay, here goes/…. my current obsession is 2 inch fabric squares. I can’t stop cutting them out. I just can’t. I am sure you understand!

  73. My current tool obsession is my latest purchase…a log cabin ruler. Thanks for the chance.

  74. Oh how I love that pin cushion!! I’ve never been to Seattle, but I really want to go sometime. I could not live without my rotary cutter and ruler, I can’t cut a straight line to save my life without them.

  75. My current material obsession is silk. We are in the processing of moving, and I keep coming across pieces of silk that I have saved for something, sometime… now I want to create something cool with them.
    By the way, I just received your Arthouse notecard today with the Batwing Skull on the front. Nice to meet you, DDH!! Kind of a coincidence, since I live in Austin and one of the things it is famous for is that we have the largest urban bat colony in the U.S. Cool, eh?

    1. Yay! I forgot I wrote my blog on the back. Glad to have you here. And just in time for a giveaway! 🙂 That bat colony thing makes me want to come to Texas. I just love bats.

  76. I don’t know about obsession, but I love having a wood burning tool to cut (and seal) ribbon.

  77. I like Mod Podge very versatile and need to have. sewing related my favorite has always been my seam ripper

  78. I love this little pincushion! PLEASE !!! even if I have never been to Seattle?? My soon to be Daughter -in – law is from that close enough? LOL
    my obsession…right now Salt Air line of fabric…I dream about it!
    (but winning this cute little pincushion would really help!!)

  79. My current obsession is my new ruffling foot. You know that expression ‘ When you’re holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail ?” Well, everything now looks like it needs a ruffle added to it..

  80. I just bought some FriXion pens after seeing them demoed at a sewing club meeting. Someone told me the ink reappears if the fabric gets cold, so I’m being VERY careful where I use them!

  81. Hello, I’ve never been to Seattle – sorry 😦 But i’m enjoying collecting vintage knitting needles right now. Thanks for the chance to win your cute pincushion. Linda

  82. Material/Tools – FMF has had a hold on me, but I’m also loving Rashida Coleman’s Washi. As for tools, I like the Lazy Angle ruler, and this little acrylic thing that helps mark/cut the 1/4″ lines for making half square triangles.

  83. That’s adorable.. I opened this post when I got up in the morning and it’s 12 hours later and sometime during the day I had the idea of making a cathedral window pin cushion for a friend of mine. I didn’t even realise it, but yours must have bled into my subconscious. 🙂

    Anyway, I’ve never been to Seattle, so my favourite tool, right now, is my laying tool for embroidery. I’ve been working slowly slowly slowly on an embroidered bird needlecase for MONTHS and I’ve unpicked the same thing twice already and finally I decided to try a laying tool and see if it would look better done that way. WORLD’s better.

  84. my obsession is anything Lotta Jansdotter! can’t wait for Bella.
    your giveaway is one of my favorites!

  85. Cute pincushion! I’m really into knits right now, just finally got a system down for sewing them on my machine. 🙂

  86. I’ve never been to Seattle. Sorry. My current obsession is adding larger cuts of fabric to my stash for borders and sashings for scrap quilts. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  87. beautiful!
    Not in Seattle, my current (and always) obsession is yarn. And Liberty fabric. And finding something to sew to wear to a friend’s wedding.

    1. Ah, I am having that same problem too. I have a late summer wedding to go to, and I want to make something for me and my daughter. But there are too many choices!

  88. I’ve never been to Seattle, although I’ve been looking at going to grad school there. I’ve been on a bit of a bookbinding kit recently, so my most recent material obsession is leather.

  89. Love this! And my current obsession is hmmm I’m so looking forward to sarah jane’ s new fabric line well… And all the other amazing new ones that I’ve seen from quilt market pics!

  90. Regarding material. I use cotton in my quilts, but my current favorite line is Terrain by Kate Spain.

  91. I have never been to Seattle, so I can’t help you out there. But I am obsessed with all things Amy Butler. Am still drooling over the Quilt Market sneak peeks of her new line Cameo.

  92. Bummer! I have been, but I was with a friend and he wouldn’t take me. But we did go to Pike Place Market… So I guess my favorite tool is my 1/4″ foot. I use it constantly!

  93. My favorite tool to use right now is my new rotary cutter; I just got one for christmas and I use it all the time. Thanks for the giveaway!

  94. If you were in Sydney I could answer the first question EASY!! Ok my obsession is a hexagon quilt which is being hand sewn and embroidered my moi… YAY…

    xo Steph

  95. My current tool obsession is my rotary cutter – I only just bought one even though I have been sewing for years – I don’t know why I waited so long! I would love the pincushion – I need a pretty one as I am currently using one that I sewed together in about 10 minutes and has now been drawn all over by my 3 year old. This one would be so pretty (and I promise I would keep it away from her pens!)

  96. My favourite tool at the moment is a chalk wheel by clover. After ages of really struggling with a disappearing marker that didn’t disappear and water disappearing marker that never showed in the first place I’m finding it all a bit of a revelation.

  97. I have been getting so many great comments here! And now, thanks to all of you I want Liberty fabrics, linen, a ruffling attachment and vintage bedsheets. Every comment I read makes me more and more excited for any crafting time I can get my hands on.

  98. My current tool obsession is a good sewing needle for hand sewing.That’s a lovely pincushion.

  99. My current obsession is sewing kids clothes with pdf’s. Not sure if I like them yet, but most of them go together so easily.
    That is a great pincushion. It’s one quilt design I haven’t tried. I think it makes a great pincushion

  100. I live in Georgia, so I can’t really answer the first one. And the second is a little hard. I’ve been out of the sewing loop for a little while now. I have four kids 5 & under, and after having my most recent baby (she’s actually 16 months now!), my time to sew has been drastically diminished. Plus I have no room for more fabric and my current stash is insane. BUT I must say I was thrilled to find out that Flea Market Fancy had been re-released! The seeds in any color are my favorite and I hope to get a little of them soon.

  101. I am currently obsessed with Tim Holtz Distress Inks by Ranger. I just found them a bit ago and I am using them on cards, scrapbooking, fabrics, my art journal and a host of other projects. Thank you for participating in the giveaway and for the beautiful pillow as a prize!! Just in case I am putting my contact info here: scrapgirl1467 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

    Have a great day,

  102. I have a new fabric obsession … only discovered it recently and oh my, So much beautiful stuff!!

  103. My current tool obsession is a new sewing (maybe a Pfaff?). My 20+ year old machine still works so it’s a little hard to justify spending the money, but I can dream, can’t I?! Thanks for the giveaway – these pincushions are beautiful!

  104. I love Seattle! I was born there, and used to live there, but now I live on the East coast, so I don’t know about the shops anymore. Right now I am obsessed with polka dots and vintage sheets 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway, the pincushion is beautiful!

  105. I live in Australia & haven’t visited Seattle so I’ll answer the second question. And it’s an easy one – my current favourite fabric obsession is Denyse Schmidt’s Aunt Edna, it has just been released here & it’s gorgeous. Thanks for the giveaway.

  106. Current material obsession–embroidery floss!! I’ve been doing a TON of hand stitching lately. Thanks for the giveaway.

  107. I am totally into easy projects. Things that don’t take too much time. My favorite tool is my rotary cutter. It is so great for making fast straight cuts.

  108. I’ve never been to Seattle, sorry! Favorite tool? Probably rotary cutter (boring, I know!) So instead I’ll make up another question and answer it: What kind of cookies do you prefer: Crunchy or Chewy? And if you just suddenly discovered your husband of almost 10 years likes the opposite kind from you and never told you would you feel betrayed?? (ok, maybe I won’t answer it! It’s tongue in cheek anyway)
    Thanks for the chance! It’s a lovely pincushion!

  109. I can’t help you with your Seattle question (although I wish I could). As far as fabric obsessions- this could get rather lengthy. My newest find this weekend are the Moda cross weaves. Unfortunately I think they are going to quit producing them. Thanks for participating in the Giveaway Day.

  110. I’ve recently started using my rotary cutter on paper and am loving it. I really should have one for each though…not so hot when I go to cut fabric afterward. 😛

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  111. I got some wonderful vintage 2 piece suits about 30 years ago at savy shopper in lakewood. Dates me huh. thanks, kathy

  112. I am just obsessed with my rotary cutter! I’m quite new to quilting, and all I’m going to say is why on Earth did I ever use scissors and think they were good? Hehe. Thanks for the chance to win! Your pincushion is so cute.

  113. I’m super into cross weaves / shot cottons currently– could not possibly overstate my love for their depth of color!

  114. I am obsessed with new projects. I love how beautiful they are and have trouble not buying every one i see.

  115. Sorry.. never been to Seattle. My current obsession is linen. It is so beautiful and fun to hunt for in thrift stores! Thanks for the giveaway! Amy @ gasudimack(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  116. I finally purchased a small cutting ruler – a 6.5 x 6.5 one so I could do small pieces instead of using my 24×8.5 ruler. The smaller one is a life (and sanity) saver!! Love your pincushion – have no idea how the cathedral windows are made. Looks complicated but fun!!

  117. I have no Seattle knowledge lol, my current obsession (now and always) is refashioning. I can’t really afford fabric so I wait until the opp shop has a dollar sale and buy up things to alter, fix or refashion.

    kate1485 at hotmail dot com

  118. I am totally into fabric now, i am new to sewing so i am trying to get a stash built up and it is so hard to only choose a few things when i want them all… i love the pattern for the pincushion too it is one that i have been wanting to try but been wary of messing it up;)

  119. I have not been to Seattle for at least 20 years,so cannot help you there. My current tool obsession is a pick as i am into embelishing threads, ribbons, etc onto my quilts and find it an invaluable tool to help feed through the foot attachment and to keep straight under the foot.

  120. How cute is that pincushion?

    Right now I think I’d have to say that my favoite medium for art has been nailpolish. I haven’t done sewing in a while and a lot of my crafting is on hold until I can get a decent space for it so I’ve been getting out my art tendancies on my nails. 🙂

    You can contact me at stormandstars (at) gmail (dot) com

  121. No luck on Seattle…but I planning to make a bunch of plexi templates if that counts as a new tool obsession!

  122. Sadly I’ve not been to Seattle, although it is on my wish list of places to visit. So – current fabric obsession, well it’s got to be fleece since I am making not one but 2 stuffed dragons that are about 4 1/2 feet long and have about a 7′ wing span. I’ve got to really LOVE fleece (or my kids) since I am using SOOOOOO much of it lately!

  123. my current material obsession is linen … I couldn’T even say in which part of the US Seattle is – it is in the US not in Canada right? Now I should better go and hide under my bed

  124. Sweet little pincushion! I am a fabric addict, some days spending more money purchasing fabric online than I make with my real job. AND I don’t attempt to sell anything I make, so it is definitely not a for-profit venture.

  125. My current fabric obsession is with a particular line: Tula Pink’s Night Shade. Every year right around now I start dreaming of Autumn and the cool weather that accompanies it. I think this is the perfect Halloween fabric and I can’t wait to make a quilt out of it! Thanks for the chance to win your adorable pincushion!

  126. this is knitting related..but im totally in love with my new drop spindle..its used to make yarn and im just having a blast with it 🙂

  127. Never been to Seattle although I hear it’s lovely I’m on the opposite coast 🙂 I’m obsessed with seersucker right now. So summery and inspiring.

  128. I have not been to Seattle, but we’d love to visit some time.

    My current material obsession is the slides for bags – I made a bag in February, and they’re just awesome. (metal rectangles that no local fabric store carries – I checked them all before I re-read the pattern, and saw that it said they were only available online)

  129. As far as fabric, at the moment I’m really liking Sweetwater Reunion. I’m also working with Freebird by Momo for Moda, which normally wouldn’t be my choice but it’s for my mom, and it’s actually growing on me a lot, even though I know it’s an older fabric. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  130. Such a cute pincushion! Never been to Seattle, but may get a chance in October! For now though, I am really loving my new Brother machine…it has soooo many presser feet and I’m having the best time playing with them! Thanks for the giveaway.

  131. I’m currently obsessed with Frixion pens for transfering marks, they’re great because they disappear when you iron them. Thanks for the chance to win!

  132. I’ve never been to Seattle but my obsession is beads. I can’t get enough of them.
    The pincushion is very cute!

  133. My current obsession is with 1930’s reproduction fabrics– LOVE them!! I am planning a Sunblown Baby Sue quilt and am collecting fabrics for her dresses. The pattern is SO cute– Baby Sue is bending down to pick wildflowers, and her dress is blowing– you use the backside of the fabric where the underside of her dress shows— cute, cute, cute!! 🙂

  134. I did live in Seattle, but I am stumped! I knew best the thrift stores along Roosevelt way. There are three that sometimes have craft supplied. I have bought fabric, interface, beads etc from these (Cloud 9, the ACS discovery store and the one next door whose name I cannot remember). Also on Roosevelt there is a bead/stone store that is fabulous, everything is there! Privately owned by a wife/husband duo, really nice gems and helpful staff, “bead’s bazaar”. Finally there is an art supply store, also independent further down, which I enjoyed the few times I went in, but it is not thrifty! When you are on Roosevelt way go all the way up and have a fantastic coffee at Cloud City Coffee.

  135. my latest material obsession is stash busting – my tiny apartment cant handle another piece of fabric! I’m only allowed to buy new yardage when I use up old… so I’m currently on the hunt for small quick projects 😉

  136. I recently tried a rotary cutter (I know, I know, I am a newbie) and am completely hooked on it! I use it for almost everything!

  137. My newest obsession is Japanese fabric. Just love it.
    Thanks for the chance, have a great weekend!

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