Start Small: Jewelry

These really jumped out at me when I was in the store. They are bright and sparkly — perfect for summer — but I also really love the stripe detail. Now I just need to find the perfect pendant to complement these.

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Every year at work, there are a few events I look forward to. Food days are always great. Sugary, but great. But I really love the annual creative fair. It’s a day-long silent auction that raises money for Relay for Life. So pretty much I spend the workday trying to outbid my co-workers for baked goods and art. Naturally, since it’s a creative fair, I have to  make something for it to.

For the past three years, every single thing I have done was sewing related. This time, I want to do something new. So last week, I went to the Bead Depot (since I was so low on beads) and picked up some new sparkly goodness. This year, it will be less sewing, more jewelry. The beads I picked are up wonderfully faceted and cover a good range of colors, so they will be perfect for the necklace I plan on making.

Best of all, this project will be small. I plan on totally finishing it tomorrow night. And that’s a darn good thing because I really should be sorting stuff for the garage sale I am having in three weeks. So I am going to bust my butt sorting and pricing tonight so I don’t feel bad lounging around playing with beads tomorrow.

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