Start Small Follow-up: pincushion triumph!

It turned out!

Maybe I am a little too excited about this, but my pincushion looks wonderful and I am thrilled! I think it’s just the combined rush of completing something AND getting to give it away to some lucky person. Even better that it turned out nicely on the first try.

Just think how fabulous this will look on some lucky readers sewing table.

After this little experiment I really want to do a few more versions of the cathedral window. I am picturing using a big giant piece of fabric to start with so I can make a throw pillow with a single block. But, naturally, this won’t be happening for a while. It will be added to a long, long list of ideas.

As I am writing my blog post, I keep toggling back to the Sundance jewelry catalog. I am really feeling antsy to make some jewelry, so I’ve got to get some new ideas. And there are tons to be found. Best of all, I already have tons of materials on hand. So I will be spending the summer rocking all sorts of new handmade goodness.

So now all we have to do is wait for May Giveaway Day to arrive and I can send this new little pincushion to a new home. I can hardly wait!


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