Start Small: A quick project

Wonderful mail from the Art House Co-op.

Boy, everyone in a while, I just get things right. I set up a small project for this week because I thought it might get a bit hectic. Well, it’s not bad so far, but we still have a ways to go to prep for pur garage sale. So I am very happy I chose the project I did.

I have to admit, I am minorly addicted to anything put out by the Art House Co-op. They are always emailing with different fun projects, and I have a hard time daying no. Luckily, they have had a string of free projects. So I have signed up for (and completed) the mini art swap and letter swap. Next up is the Mystery Project. I was mailed a Prismacolor Premier and a surprise theme to create any kind of art piece I  want. Then I am supposed to leave it somewhere for some lucky person to find. I want to do something more than just a flat drawing, but we will see where my brain goes.

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