Up Late: Making a cathedral window pincushion

I picked bright, happy fabrics…it is May after all!
Lots and lots of folding, pinning and pressing.
I asked my husband what he thinks so far, and he said it looks very wrinkly. I guess I had better add the seams before I ask questions. This is as far as I got, but it will be a fast job to finish later this week!


  1. I saw something like this on another blog not that long ago. I love the colours you chose! Maybe some day I’ll trust my own sewing skills enough to make one for myself.

  2. oi .. some nice colours, just perfect for May; I can imagine the whole thing finished, so I won’t comment on it still being wrinkely

  3. @ Ria — You should give it a whirl sometime. It’s really not as hard as it looks. And the tutorial is so picture heavy, I didn’t feel like it was anything less than crystal clear.
    @Leo — Ha, ha, thanks! My brain knows it’s just the pins, but I am still a bit nervous. But I will finish it tomorrow, so we shall see.

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