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If there is anyone to blame for my fabric stash, it would probably be Fiberworks. This photo from their site shows one of the racks that sucks me in first. Small pieces of fabric always lull me into a false sense of security. They seem small and harmless, but they slowly take over.

Yesterday I took full advantage of my lunch break to introduce two co-workers to one of my favorite antique spots in town. More importantly, I got outside. Recently, the weather here has been rainy and windy over the weekends and insanely beautiful while I am at work. Figures.

But while I was antiquing I also got some wonderful inspiration for some of the projects I have on tap. I think a lifetime of training in the world of second-hand shopping has wired me to just be constantly tuned into going to that world for ideas. Just under a month ago, I went thrifting after giving it up for Lent and saw a beautifully made cathedral quilt. I think it got stuck in my head and that’s why tonight I am attempting my first-ever cathedral block.

And that’s why I am here now. Without a computer at home, I won’t be doing my Up Late post until tomorrow morning. I love sharing with all of you, but this way I will get a little bit more work time because I won’t be quitting to do my post. But I still wanted to give you guys something good today. Yesterday I posted a comment at Sew Mama Sew saying I was starting on my Giveaway Day item. That sparked enough interest to quadruple the number of hits I usually get in one day. Since I am creating something out of fabrics from my stash, sharing two articles about supply stashing seemed like a good idea. These are both four years old, but they are so timeless. A great deal of artists out there have the problem of supply creep. Taking time to keep things in check will help ensure that you always feel inspired not lost and overwhelmed. So today, please enjoy these articles from CrocZine.

15 reasons to bust your stash

16 ways to bust your stash

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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