Start Small: May Giveaway Day is coming!

I made new blog planning sheets! They aren’t ready for download yet. I want to use them for a week or so and make sure they’re perfect. Then I will post them for all of you.

I can’t believe it’s May already…and it has been for a week! Crazy how fast time can get sucked away. Anyway, that means now is the time for me to create something awesome for Sew Mama Sew’s Annual May Giveaway Day. And since participating last year brought me crazy tons of traffic, how can I say no?

I do love a simple project, but I also wanted to make something a bit our of my comfort zone. So, I will be making…

This pretty little thing was posted in the Moda Bake Shop, but was created by Kim at My Go Go Life.

Yeah, it’s just a pincushion. But it’s a cathedral window! Those blocks look so pretty, but they scare me. Plus, I’m not a quilter, so I really don’t want to make hundreds of them. So this little guy will be perfect. I already looked at the tutorial, and I think I could whip this out in one night. In a perfect world. If not, I will finish it over the weekend. Or maybe it will go so well that I make two. I can dream, can’t I?

In the case of other projects, I am feeling better than I was last week. My reader prize is getting one last coat of sealer, then it’s off to its new happy home. Once the winner gets it, I will share pictures. As far as upcoming projects with deadlines, I have a handful, but I am being super-disciplined with my time, so I am (fairly) confident I will come out on top.

To add to the fun, I am officially 100% without a computer at home. Long story short, I never officially got mine fixed and was using everyone elses. But I have hit a breaking point and finally took it to be repaired. I will still be posting, but I will be doing it over lunch at work. So things like Up Late will actually be posted the next day.

So good luck to all of you on your crafty weeks! Hopefully we all have some fun.

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