Up Late: one project, start to finish

Some awesome blank garden markers made by my super talented friend Jenn. If you are ever around Crookston Minnesota, you should check out her shop The Krazy Kiln. If you can't get there, at least check out her website.
I taped off the bottom of the markers to create a semi-neat paint line. Then I added a few coats of blackboard paint. Instead of using chalk, you write on the chalkboard paint with grease pencil. It can be erased, but it won't wash off in the rain.
Peel the tape away -- nice neat line!
Letting everything dry really well...
...so I can add color! And now I knocked out my whole Start Small project in one night! All I have left to do is mail these out.


  1. The blackboard paint is a great idea! I may be in my basement making a similar project for my spring garden 🙂

    1. Hey lady! Glad to see you here. 🙂 You have to share pictures of your project when it’s done. I actually need to try this paint out on something for me — these markers are headed to Georgia tomorrow!

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