Postcards done

I put the title on the front of the cards -- something I don't usually do.

Once again, mailing time for a postcard swap has snuck up on me. But this time, I am ready to send out on time, so I am feeling pretty good. All I have left to do is get some sweet stamps and drop them in the mail. Now I’m down to one deadline project — the Sketchbook Project. But now that I’m into the habit of creating everyday, I’m not too worried about it.



These went a totally different direction from what I expected, but I am still pretty happy with the results.

This week’s Start Small Project is one  have procrastinated on fairly well. A friend of mine who owns a ceramics shop back in Minnesota created a set of plant markers. I was supposed to get them to my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas, but I didn’t have enough time to finish them. Yesterday he and I were talking about all the good things they are growing in their garden. So now I realized it’s time to get things done. This should be a pretty easy project to handle this week. It’s just a few coats of paint, so I am looking at more drying time than actual work time.

Also brewing in the back of my head are some ideas for a March Giveaway craft. I am so excited for the first anniversary of my blog, so I had better whip up something awesome! And on that note, I am heading to bed. I better get a few good nights of sleep so my Up Late post on Wednesday is super fun. See you then!

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