Start Small and a Weekend Update

Yay for color! We went to Target this weekend and there was a wonderful display hanging from the entry ceiling. My husband said we can't hang it in the living room.

So maybe you saw already, but I rocked last week so hard that I got my Start Small project done Wednesday night. Big yay! That actually gave me just the boost in motivation that I needed to get things done in the very boring arena of cleaning. I have also been staying on top of physical therapy exercises and having fun with my family — overall, a great week!

Messy time with my girl.

So speaking of my fun weekend, here is the breakdown. Friday night my daughter and I headed over to the art museum for their open clay night. Each month, they host a different activity for kids and this one sounded perfect for her. Plus, this is her FIRST ART CLASS EVER!!! Can you feel the excitement? I don’t usually do this, but I do have a story to share. She has never been to an art museum before, just a few galleries. So I told her she has to hold my hand and not touch anything. She nodded and we went in. She did a lot of “Oh!” and “Like THAT!”. There was also a bit of “Want to touch it”, but luckily she did not. As we were leaving the gallery, I pointed to a very nice print of birds. She reacted with a big gasp and a very grave “Mama, no touching!”. So I guess she was listening. 🙂

Once we got to the class, they set her up with a lump of clay and an apron that covered her shoes. We settled in and she spent a good five minutes surveying the room. She is at that toddler stage of staring, and there were a lot of people to stare at. Eventually, she got interested in the clay, especially when she realized she could make marks. She was pressing her fingers into the clay to make “mittens”. We sat there for quite a while while she poked, stabbed and squished the clay with every tool in sight. Painting was also an adventure. She quickly tired of painting on the clay and opted to paint her hand so she could rub the paint in. It was really messy, but really great. We both had fun and obviously, I’m thrilled she took an art class.

Sunday was an awesome family day as well. The three of us headed to the park. My little lady walked around, chasing ducks and geese and petting dogs. I stopped to take pictures. And my husband was just enjoying time home.

In all the fun I had this weekend, I really didn’t think at all about what this week’s Start Small will be! So now that I am sitting here writing, I had better pick something. So I am looking at my list and I pick…sketching! There are two projects I want to work on that both involve a lot of sketching. First, Spoonflower always has really sweet fabric design contests going on, and I’ve already missed out on quite a few I would’ve loved. It was my own fault because I didn’t make time. So now I am making time. Second, my husband is really wanting a new tattoo. I’ve gotten a few very rough ideas on paper, but nothing really worthy of permanence. I don’t think I will get that one completed this weekend, but I can at least put in a few hours towards it.

Below are a few shots I took at the park for you. Happy creating everyone!

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