Hooray for December giveaway day!!!

Thank you Amazon for saving me the trouble of going downstairs to get my camera.

Thank goodness it is finally here, because I was about to burst. I just love a good giveaway. For the sake of my own sanity, I’m not doing anything handmade this time around. I am just giving away a book. But it’s a pretty awesome book, so I’m happy about it. My lucky winner will get a copy of Microcrafts:Tiny Treasures to Make and Share by Margaret McGuire, Alicia Kachmar and Katie Hatz.

For the sake of full disclosure, I will say the book is slightly used. In the sense that it was given to me new, I flipped through it once and decided it’s cute, but someone else would really LOVE it. One end of the spine got dinged a bit during shipping, but other than that, it’s perfect. The projects are adorable, easy and best of all, they make use of all sorts of paper and fabric scraps that seem to small to do anything with. If you want something low pressure and cute to create, this is so the book for you.

What do you have to do to get it? It’s pretty simple — just answer a question in the comments below! The question is this: What is the best thing that someone has done for you during the holidays? This could include an exceptionally thoughtful gift, a kind gesture or help from a stranger. Just share with everyone a good holiday story. I will personally read every single one and choose the best to win. As long as you are here, I will mention this would be a great time to start following my blog if you don’t already. I will be doing a BIG giveaway at the end of January, and I don’t want any of you to miss that one!

To the winner: If you want this to go to someone else for a Christmas gift, I will gladly wrap and send it to them with a note from you.

A few notes: I learned a lot the last time around. If you just paste something into my comments saying “See my giveaway at blah blah blah…” and ignore the question, I won’t approve it. I feel like it’s very rude to just paste that into every blog on the giveaway list, and it defeats the purpose of the whole thing. If you answer the question then paste a link to your blog, I’m fine with that. I thank you all for playing nice.


  1. My creative friend made time to go with me to holiday jazz concert Saturday night and gifted me with not only her enjoyment of the concert but a book on making Tamari (Japanese) balls and a new pair of holiday earrings.

  2. A security man who came to me out of nowhere and decided himself to watch my bike because he thauhgt that the bars I could only lock it to are not safe enough. So I could knit and have a cup of coffee and a cupcake with friends and not worry about how would I get home if my bike got stolen.

  3. The best thing that someone has done for me, is to make me feel welcomed. Last year, we weren’t able to travel to be with family, and my friend’s mom invited us for the holidays. We felt like we were part of the family. It meant so much to us.

  4. Christmas is a hard time of year for our family since we lost our eldest son but my friend Maggie is always there to help and support us!

  5. You’re going to have a blog full of such lovely things, I think I’m going to have to follow the comments here to share in it! I’ve seen that book around for a while – lovely giveaway 🙂

    I think the nicest thing to happen in recent years was my husband getting up at 6am on 28th December. Yes, I was getting up as well, but he got up so that he could drive me to the local station so that I could have a day’s shopping with my mother at the sales. There’s only her and me in our family now, so days together are really special. His getting up at silly o’clock, in the dark, cold and snow made it possible – couldn’t manage without him!

  6. The best thing…Sending an entire gourmet dinner, complete with flowers. It was delicious and saved me so much time and stress. And sooo unexpected.

  7. My sister and my nephew, who is 2 1/2, made me a Thanksgiving card. It was a tree with leaves on it, and each of the leaves had something that my nephew was thankful to me for. It was amazing and thoughtful.

  8. My parents gave me the most generous gift last Christmas of a (really decent) sewing machine. It was so unexpected, as it was my secret wish but wasn’t even on my list because it seemed a bit above the normal Santa budget! I couldn’t stop hugging them all day

    Thanks for the giveaway
    Sarah @ http://kiwigetscrafty.blogspot.com

  9. i love this book! the best thing is when my sister sends me a card..i always tell her i really dont need one but she always sends one anyway and it brightens my day! people forget about the little things sometimes! 🙂

  10. My sister was recently diagnosed with brain cancer, but she has given her friends and family the greatest gift of all! She has shown through her inspiring example how to live with joy and gratitude each day. She taught us how to pass beyond the question of “Why” and simply ask “What’s next?” She has reminded us all that we have each been given a precious gift every day we wake up to a brand new, 24-hour opportunity. She has demonstrated how to LIVE, not just exist. She has given us today!

  11. Hear hear to deleting people who don’t play by the rules! I had a giveaway in the May Giveaway event at SMS and loads of people just pasted a standard comment. I am going to answer your question, I’m waffling, I know!

    Three Christmases ago when I only had one bunny, she wasn’t feeling well so I brought her into the house where she sat in a pen (she’s a chewer so can’t be allowed loose with so many electrical wires!). She looked so miserable that my brother who’d come up from down south with his girlfriend for Christmas spent hours sitting with her, just stroking her head. Technically it wasn’t something he did for me, but he did it for my baby and I was so touched!

  12. Last year my Mom was going to take her volunteer day off (Dec 24th) at the Local Food Bank so she could spend it with us even though they really needed help with an X-mas dinner. My kids decided to hold off our celebration until late evening so we could all go down and volunteer with Nana. It was a great experience and I was really touched that the kids came up with the idea.

  13. Last year, my best friend and college roommate left her family for a weekend and flew out to help me with my newborn baby and little boy around Thanksgiving. I was recovering from a C-section and it was the most selfless gift I ever received ! She made me smile and laugh and kept me distracted.

  14. Hmmm… the year my dad got us a puppy for Christmas. It still lives as one of the greatest Christmases ever in my mind, even years after she’s passed on.

  15. The best thing done for me this Christmas is my mom babysitting so I can get some stress relief from sewing. Its such a great Hobby!

  16. My first Christmas with kids my mother brought over a weeks worth of casseroles for my freezer so that I could spend time making gifts, playing with the kids, and making traditions rather than cooking the week before Christmas. Best gift I’ve ever received.

  17. My sweet husband made an appointment for me to get a massage, and while i was out… he sugared pecans for my favorite salad. AMAZERY!!! what a sweetheart.

  18. We had just moved to the neighbourhood and my husband had to go out of town for a few days right during the holidays. And of course there was a huge blizzard. I have a heart condition so it was taking me all day (shovel some and then rest) to shovel a little pathway down the driveway. When my neighbour got home from work, he brought his snow blower over and did the entire driveway so that I wasn’t stuck at home with 2 kids. So nice and unexpected. I’ve since come to realize that I have the best neighbours ever!

  19. I moved all the way across the country from my family, so the best thing anyone has done and can do for me is coming my way to visit! Especially since I do not like dealing with Holiday travel and often have to work the days before and after Christmas (I have two jobs, one is in retail–no days off there!).

  20. Oh, I would LOVE this book! We had friends VERY kindly watch our dogs during the holiday season, which is always a challenge! It was so helpful and good to know our puppies were being loved! jinglesells at gmail dot com

  21. The only thing I can think of right now is my husband watching the baby for 2 hours yesterday while I slept/read. I’m in the not-enough-sleep-thanks-to-baby daze, so that’s all I can think about now! Ha! 🙂

  22. The week before christmas last year we were in the hospital with my aunt as she was taken off life support. The nurse was wonderful, really caring about made it so much easier for all of us. She was brilliant.

  23. Eep! I saw that book and immediately thought of my darling friend that is a miniaturist (is that a real word?). She makes the most gorgeous little things and her world is on ‘zoom in’ all the time 🙂

    The most immediate helpful and generous thing that someone has done for me was my sister-in-law that came to help me at my first big craft fair. I have done smaller ones before, but this one was a biggie and I was incredibly nervous about it. She just rocked up and helped me out. No questions asked. She was an excellent assistant and I am truly blessed to have her in my life.

    Thank you for a great giveaway.


  24. I never expect people to give me gifts, ever, ever. so it’s ALWAYS nice to get something. I try to at least make cards for my friends and team mates at work too. I really remember the first Christmas after my Grandmother passed away, the whole family pitched in to try to make that Christmas a special one. We always did a big family party at her house on Christmas eve and it was really great to get everyone together.

  25. There was a Christmas, when my kids were young and I was raising them alone, when I only had enough money to buy each of them one small gift. I found a beautiful water globe for my daughter (she’s always called them ‘Happys’), but just as I left the store I dropped the bag and it broke into dozens of pieces.
    I was so totally devastated that all I could do was lean against the wall and cry! A woman and her husband stopped to ask if I was okay and I blubbered out the story. The husband continued on into the store while the wife did her best to comfort me and calm me – and then he returned. He handed me a bag containing the same ‘Happy’ and wished me a Merry Christmas.
    That water globe cost less than $15, but their compassion and generosity were priceless; so very priceless. The memory can still make me cry, but with wonder and gratitude – and I’ve learned to pay it forward.
    Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to share my story!

  26. Seen this in blog land,would love to win it.Thanks for chance.Stranger to me,never meet in person,lovely lady from US offered when I looking for it on one public site forum to get me Christmas cookie cutters and send them to me so I could bake some cookies.How sweet is that?

  27. Last Christmas my friend sent me a package. She never told me she was going to do it. In between the many houses we have to run between we stopped at home and there it was. It was filled with peppermints and a massive scarf that I wore the rest of the day. It was so sweet and I felt so loved.

  28. I love all the beautiful comments but thinking about what was the best thing somebody had done for me during holidays was something quite basic. It was a friend which came by while I was writing my thesis and life was breaking down on me (private as well as at work)… my friend just took the litter outside, brought me some sweets and a lot of coffee, hugged me and then just went back home knowing that there are times I need to be alone although I also need to know that somebidy cares. Nothing special compared to a lot of other things but for me just the best gift ever 🙂

  29. I live the other side of the world form where I grew up and I have a friend who send me a a xmas care package with little things that we can get here, makes xmas that little bit more special.

  30. My first car accident was over the holidays and the lady was so wonderful. She wasn’t mad at me; she just said, “It’s okay dear, it’s a car. No one is hurt. We’ll wait for your dad to get here.” and she calmed me down. We paid for her repairs because it was my fault and she sent me a card and gift card for being responsible and owning up to my mistakes without putting up a fuss!

  31. What an awesome book!!
    The best thing that someone did for me during the holiday season… was the washing up! Yep, I know simple but things were piling up for me, I didn’t have a chance to get to the kitchen & the next thing I know, there they are in the kitchen doing the dishes… they hadn’t even stopped by for a meal, they just stopped by to say hello! How sweet are they!!!

  32. The best thing that someone has done for me was really something he/she/they did for my family. We were having a rough financial year last year and about 2 weeks before Christmas two people knocked on our door and delivered a huge tote box full of gifts for our family. Included were gift cards, presents for the kids and $500 in cash. I have no idea who was behind it and can only be extremely grateful and pass on that generosity to others whenever I’m able to.

  33. One of the nicest things that anyone has done for me? I have to say, it was my mother-in-law that did it. The Christmas that my hubs and I were engaged and we spent the holiday with our own families, was really hard for me. I’d call him everyday and tell him how hard it was being apart (because we’d see eachother everyday at college). So when I finally got to his family’s house for new years, his mom handed me this quilt that was me to a “t”. It was the most wonderful gift ever. Thanks so much!

  34. Hi there — first off, that book looks very cool! I’ve seen it around, but haven’t gotten a chance to take a peek inside, and would love to. On to the story: everyone in my family knows that my FAVORITE part of Christmas is opening stockings! In particular, I love the old tradition of putting a an orange in the toe (It not only gives nice shape to the stockings, but I love how it hearkens back to older times when fresh fruit was a special gift indeed!) When I spent a year abroad in college, I couldn’t afford to come home for Christmas, and it was difficult for me not to be with my family. Well, to make sure I didn’t miss out, my Mom not only shipped me a stocking, but she found a way around the whole “can’t ship fruit internationally” dilemma by putting a chocolate orange in the toe of my stocking! It meant the world to me, but what I cherish most is home with family now.

  35. I love it when strangers do RAK at Christmas. Like pay for the person 2 people behind them in the line at the coffee shop or for the car behind at the toll booth. Things like that always make me smile, and inspire me to do the same.

  36. The nicest thing anyone has done for me this holiday season was when my husband took me to “the big city” for a day of browsing through antique shops, shopping for Christmas presents, and a nice dinner out together. He works hard and we have children so it’s hardly ever just us. It was a great day.

    Thank you for the giveaway! It looks like a wonderful book. 🙂

  37. I was thinking about gifts and things that people have given me but then I thought about the people who give me the gifts. The person who I feel does the most for my family during any festive season is my darling Mother-in-law. No matter what she always make the season festive, and she spoils my children.

  38. I’ve been off work for a car accident for the last 3 weeks and the people I work with have really surprised me by calling every day to see how I am and to see what I need. It has been very uplifting and really shows me who my friends are. Other times I’ve been off work for an extended time due to illness I wouldn’t hear from any work colleagues for months!! It brings tears to my eyes how much everyone I currently work with cares.

  39. One of the best things was this year, actually! I needed to bring something to a work potluck, but I’m just exhausted from caring for others and haven’t had time to set up my itty bitty kitchen for baking or even do any holiday decorating. My pal has just now offered to show up at my office on the day of the potluck, bearing made-from-baked goods, serving dishes, and more! What a sweetie!!

  40. The best thing that anyone has done for me at the holidays has been my family putting up with the craziness of my crafting 90% of the gifts we give to relatives. They all do what they can to make sure I can focus on the ‘work’ end of things. This year the kids are even helping with some of the crafting.

  41. What a cute little book!

    The best thing that people have done for me during the holidays is to spend time with me. There’s nothing more important than that, and it becomes more so when you live quite so far away from home as I do.

  42. family travelling around the world to surprise us for Christmas ….. it;s so hard to celebrate when you’re away from your loved ones.

  43. There are so many lovely little things that people have done. But today I am thankful for the two men in my apartment building who always ensure that our sidewalks are shoveled waaay before I ever make my way to work.

  44. Last year I had to work on Christmas. My family lives several hours away, so I was unable to spend time with them on Christmas. One of my work friends invited me over to her house for a Christmas dinner with her and her family. It was such a sweet gesture that helped make my Christmas special!

  45. Well, the best “thing” ever is our Christ child, my daughter in law is expecting…and we all are waiting fo the very special day…
    Thank you for the wonderful gift you give to us.
    Kind regards from Germany

  46. My neighbors pushed me out of the snow when I got stuck last Christmas and then followed me down the street to be sure I didn’t get stuck again!!!!

  47. Well, I’m not sure this counts as something for me, but maybe. You’ll see what I mean.
    One day recently my 4 year old daughter said out of the blue “I want to make a present for Santa, but I don’t know what to give him.” She walked away and 10 minutes later comes back and says “I want to make Santa red mittens with a blue part around here (motioning to cuff) and hearts.” So I handed her my best red wool (ack!) and chalk and she traced my hand (“but bigger, because Santa is bigger than you”). Then I gave her my needle felting supplies (double ack!) and after some basic instruction, she set to felting a heart on each mitten. (one white, one pink). Then she felted blue at the cuff and started sewing them together. Overall, the process took her a couple hours. And her gift to me? Showing me that I’m really doing an okay job as her mom. If that doesn’t prove it, I don’t know what does!

  48. I loved it when my mom and stepdad traveled one christmas eve to our home to be with us and share our daughter’s first Christmas morning!!

  49. The best thing someone can do for me during the holidays is understand that not spending every second of the days before and after Christmas is ok. I need my space sometimes, even during the holidays. Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. Last year i was in line to treat my 3 girls to an ice cream and when we got to the counter to the man informed me they no longer accept checks. The man behind me handed the cashier $20 and looked at me and said Merry Christmas. Very sweet.

  51. At the “door busters” sale at the fabric store after Thanksgiving….everyone was so nice….it took us three hours to get to the cutting tables but during the wait people were like, are you taking all of that or could I get the bolt after you get yours cut?…and everyone was swapping fabrics and helping other shoppers find different fabrics that they were interested in…plus the actual store staff was great.. it was a great morning!.

  52. I am always amazed at the thought some folks put into their presents to me. And when they make things themselves, I am even more appreciative. My cousin is giving me a series of her short stories this year, which is amazing because it means that she’s making a point of writing again. And I love that.

  53. My sister in law made my son a craft kit where she put together a craft or two for every month, everything was cut and put into specific and organized bags. It obviously took her a lot of work and I really appreciated for my son and for me! It gave me something special to do with my son that didn’t take any prep! So for those moments where I was ready to pull my hair out, I could get it together and make a craft with him. So much better than being fed up!!

    nancebagance at yahoo dot ca

  54. The best thing someone has done for me is my grand children decorated my Christmas tree Thanksgiving day. Now that the grand kids are getting older I let them decorate for Halloween and Christmas, they choose what to put out and where things will go.. Next week they will be in to decorate the gingerbread houses we will be delivering to neighbors

  55. We have a family friend that knows how much I enjoy their powder-sugar rosettes, so last year she made our family an entire bless. They were yummy, and these are one cookie I just seem to have trouble making.

  56. Love this book (we’ve gotten it from the library)! My husband gave me the gift of “dates” for Christmas last year. The days are so hectic that it was a chance for us to spend some time one-on-one and reconnect.

  57. It’s not necessarily related to the holidays, but the neighborhood I lived in last year seemed to have a jolly vibe all through December and January. It was a crazy year for snow in Minnesota (we had 17″ by this time last year!), and it always seemed like there was someone around to help push cars that were stuck in snow banks or shovel sidewalks! Which is way awesome, since I was someone who seemed to be always getting stuck. 🙂

    Happy holidays to you!

  58. People are always so much nicer during the holidays… I can’t think of THE BEST thing, but I was treated to a lot of help getting into the post office today, (with my three loads of packages) by a nice young man (maybe 8yo). Who says kids these days have no manners!?

  59. My family was homeless for a while when I was a child, and the nicest thing someone did for us was take us in, provide us with a home-cooked meal and give us wrapped presents under their tree for the holidays. I know it meant a lot to all of my family, but as the youngest (and the one who understood the situation the least) it meant so much to have warm food and gifts to unwrap during the holiday!

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway, the book looks amazing!

  60. I like your way of doing the giveaway – you are right, it IS kinda rude to just write “I wanna win”. Unfortunately there is nothing HUGE popping into my head that people have done to me during holiday season. People have done nice things to me – but it was not necessarily tied to the holidays … Last year I was very surprised though. I wrote about a folded paper start on my German blog and that I had bought that at the kindergarten Christmas market. I was wondering how it was folded but had not had much luck finding instructions online. A couple days later I had a letter in my mailbox including a stack of origami paper – the fancy kind with different patterns on each side – and the instructions on how to fold the star. It was from another blogger who I did not even know until then. She had read my post and mailed everything to me – just like that. I know that was not a huge thing – but it startled me and made me so happy. It was just nice and thoughtful and I did not even know that person! Sometimes a little tiny thing like that can really light your day. And sometimes that is all we need – just a little thing that makes us smile!

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway,

    Ms Muffin

  61. My friend Catherine did a huge pile of washing for me when my machine died. She was 9 months pregnant at the time. I can’t tell you how much we appreciated it.

  62. When my now-teenage daughter was a few months old she was very sick and the doctors had some trouble diagnosing her. Just before Christmas I got a phone call telling me to bring her in, immediately, to be tested for a devastating genetic disease (we knew that my husband had the marker for it). I did, and then took my baby home to wait for the official results — at least another day in coming. The technician who performed the test called me that night, risking his job, to let me know off the record that the test was negative. It was one of the most generous acts I have ever experienced, and I hope I will never forget it. I think of that technician all the time, with the deepest gratitude and admiration.

  63. I am recently seperated in theory from my husband of 17 years, I say in theory because we are living in the same home. Not whining, we’re fine now but it was tough for me getting here. So, what was done for me was I was taken out to a lovely dinner with wine and great food by an “acquaintance” who wanted to be supportive and give me an opportunity to talk. That was the sweetest gift.

  64. Every year we meet with to other family and all the kids and make a great supper… it’s not for me exactly, but it brings so much joy!
    Thanks for the giveaway + merry Xmas!

  65. Last week, my 5-year-old daughter went shopping with her dad with her own stash of money. I told her before she left that she could use the money to buy herself a toy. She came back with not one but TWO gifts for ME! I asked her why she did it, and she said “well, because you are so special and you love me so much.” I haven’t even opened the gifts yet, but that sentence was the best present I ever received!

  66. Hiya – clicked on to follow you – always exciting to find a wordpress crafter! I think one of the lovely things that happened to us this holiday is my dalring neighbour came over with tickets for us to take our 2 wee boys to Willowbank (a wildlife park). Christchurch has had such a hard year and still people are doing such lovely things for one another. Merry Christmas to you!

  67. The first Christmas my husband & I spent together, he asked his parents to get “him” a keyboard because I was interested in learning to play piano. HIs parents got me a butt-kickin’ portable grand; awesome. That was 4 years ago & I’m still playing on it (won’t say I’ve become a fabulous player or anything, but I love it). Now that we have a wee one, I sit her in my lap & she smashes on the keys, which makes her laugh & flap around uncontrollably LOL it was amazing to watch the first time she realized that hitting the white & black things with her hands made sounds!

    Thank you!

  68. One of the nicest things someone did was put dinner in our fridge while we were away for a funeral right at Christmastime. We came home and could heat up a meal. It was so appreciated.

  69. I think the best one is something that is a surprise not something I asked for…. I like gifts that someone is walking down the street sees it and says, candace would like that…. that does not happen as much as I would like… thanks for a great giveaway!

  70. The best thing anyone ever did for me at Christmas was in 1983 when my dear sweet husband told me he loved me and would “forever and a day” and asked me to trust him, he would never hurt me. I did, he does love me and he has never hurt me, not even with words. He is the love of my life but more importantly he is my best friend. Thanks for the chance to win a neat book.

  71. One Christmas I will never forget: My husband and I with our two little children were leaving town headed to my parents house on Christmas Eve which was four hours away; when we got rearended and pushed into the cars in front of us causing our car to be totaled. The gifts in the back of the car were broken, kids were fine, my husband did have back trouble for a few years, and I fretted over my in born baby. On Christmas day Mom and Dad and my siblings and spent the weekend with us since we could no longer go there. We were so thankful to see them and appreciated that they changed their plans for us. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  72. So far, the best thing someone has done for me is to trade schedules with me at work, giving up the good day schedule, for the less-good closing schedule, so that I could attend my daughter’s Christmas concert last night.

  73. For Christmas, my mother pays for me to go home. Since otherwise I’d never be able to afford trans-Atlantic flights, it’s the most meaningful thing I can think of-a chance to return home.

  74. I love the scarf that my grandma gave me for Christmas. It is as big as a blanket, I love it.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  75. Nicest thing that happened: Last December, one of my Uncle’s sent me a ceramic cookie tray that looked like Santa’s face. My mom, who passed away five years, ago made it back in 1963. It was signed and dated on the back. Talk about a cool thing! I blogged about it last December. 🙂

  76. I went out on my verandah today to fetch the newspaper. I found a 5 pound box of portobella mushrooms! I had 2 for dinner stuffed with feta, pinenuts, seasonings and bread crumbs topped with a yoghurt nut sauce. Still feeling the bliss.

  77. Hey I am so excited I found your website, I really found you by mistake, while I was browsing on Digg for something else, Regardless I am here now and would just like to say many thanks for a marvelous post and a all round exciting blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to read through it all at the minute but I have book-marked it and also included your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a lot more, Please do keep up the superb work.

    1. Great, I’m glad to have you here! Half of my favorite blogs I found by mistake as well…the internet can be wonderful like that. I keep working on bring new and exciting content, so I hope I can keep you coming back!

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