Start Small: Heat Pack

Another teaser from another gift. The one I am currently having the most fun with.

If you are looking for Giveaway Day, check out the previous post. It is open through Friday, so you can still win! Even if you don’t want the book, check out all the wonderful holiday stories.

Things continue to chug along here in my little ChristmasLand, although I have resolved to be better next year. My goal is to have all gift crafting done by Thanksgiving. But enough about that for right now. The important thing is stuff for this year IS getting done.

Since I haven’t done an official Start Small project in a bit, I figured this week would be a good time to do just that. Maybe if some of you out there are wondering what to make for some random person on your list, you could use this project. Even better – I have to have it done by Friday so I can turn it in. I sure know how to push a deadline.

Someone on my list wished for a heat pack, so that’s what they are getting. I’m going to be doing a modified version of the one I did in November. I’m going to omit the ties on the cover and maybe add some sort of closure. I want to make two different inserts, one with channels and one without. Since I don’t know specifically what this person needs a heat pack for, I want to give them some flexibility. Since I have such short turn around time on this project, and the holidays are getting close, I will post a how-to with pictures and instructions on Friday.

If you know you’ll want to make one, you can start gathering supplies. You will need some cotton fabric and cotton thread for the insert. You will also need some other cotton or flannel for the cover. To fill, you can use rice, lentils or buckwheat hulls; I will cover the ins and outs of each on Friday. Until then, I wish you all luck on the last-minute crazy we creative types are prone to.

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