A cooking kind of weekend

Someone couldn't keep her hands out of the frame. She was eating the pomegranate was fast as I could clean it. She even turned down cheese! I think she has a new favorite fruit.

Friday was my little lady’s second birthday, so of course there was a decent amount of cooking going on at our house. To make it even better, we picked up a Bountiful Basket this week as well. So it’s pretty safe to say I won’t be doing much in the way of grocery shopping the next few weeks.

Teddy Grahams, sugar and butter. I like this even better than graham crackers.
The crust that survived my snacking.
Vanilla beans are such a wonderful thing. They just amp up the flavor of plain cheesecake.

But L’s birthday…since she is so little, we kept it simple and there was no standard party. We just had dinner with my mother, in-laws, husband and I. Friday night, I made a cheesecake. It was a bit overdone, but I’m not crushed. Everyone loved it and had seconds. Plus, cooking with a toddler underfoot always creates delays and surprises. Our Saturday was pretty slammed (we had four errands to run) but Mom was nice enough to do all the cooking for dinner. She made a honey-mustard pork loin and roasted mixed veggies. My mother-in-law also pitched in by bringing corn and rolls. My contribution Saturday was setting the table and whirling some raspberries through the food processor for a cheesecake topping. So we had the perfect birthday celebration — good, good food while the whole family gets nice and loud. The only downside of all this is that in my excitement to eat, I took zero photos of the completed food. And it was all inhaled — no leftovers to speak of. But I am taking that as a sign of success.

The color of cheesecake batter is so creamy and beautiful.
I was asked by someone if my daughter requested cheesecake. I explained that in our family, liking cheesecake is not optional.

My weekend is also happy because I completed Christmas gifts for my dad and brother. Now, I just need to spend today getting my sister-in-law’s gift done and I can mail everything out. Getting stuff in the mail always relieves a lot of stress for me.

Also, I am looking forward to Monday as it is Giveaway Day at Sew Mama Sew. The May Giveaway Day was very kind to me. I got hundreds of hits from it, and I am hoping to get the same response this time around. We will see what happens. But you should stop back and see what I am giving away.

With Christmas in mind, I had better get my butt off the couch and downstairs. I hope all of you are staying motivated. I know it can be hard when there is so much to do, but keep it up — the holidays are nearly here!

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