Sweet, lazy holidays

Whenever I use the word lazy in reference to myself, I am generally corrected by whoever is nearby. I really do have a low bar for lazy. To me, lazy is watching TV for two hours…while crafting. However, on Thanksgiving I did have a real lazy day. Reading Calvin and Hobbes, taking naps and doing zero cooking is what I was up to. But I still managed to get a few things done this weekend.

In a fit of procrastination, I wrapped about 15 holiday and birthday gifts. I am a bit of a wrapping addict, so I was really happy to have a bunch down and looking good. At the top of the post you can see one of my favorite ways to wrap gifts. Plain brown kraft paper — nothing earth-shattering or new, but sooooo cheap. I got four large rolls for $1 each at the grocery store. Then I just add an epoxy sticker for a nice little touch. I bought a few packages two years ago. They were $1 for a package of about 20-30. Awesome!

Messy paint fingers! This Mama's dream come true.

Friday afternoon, I got to have some messy time with my little girl. We broke out my acrylics and cardstock so she could get started on Christmas cards. Best of all, she only ate one fingerful of green and purple paint. But we both had a really good time. And I’m one step closer to getting my cards out.

I actually managed to take a picture in daylight instead of horrible indoor lighting. This is my new favorite necklace.

A few days ago, I showed you a picture of a necklace I repaired while working on gifts. Well, I cracked into my stash and turned a small pendant into a new drapey necklace. The pendant has such a wonderful yellow color that I didn’t want to detract from. But I also couldn’t just pop it on a chain and call it good. So I added a few very light blue beads randomly along the chain to break everything up. I also learned a valuable lesson from other long necklaces — build them so the layers can’t shift. I applied that lesson here. Now I have one short layer and one long one, and neither will ever shift and strangle me.

Now with Thanksgiving gone, the pressure is on. But at least I am making some progress. Hopefully all you are as well.

I've had this necklace done for less than a week, and I've already worn it twice.

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