Quick project: Heat pack

It's been a long time coming, but it's finally done!


If you've never made a heat pack before, try making one with channels. They keep all your filling from shifting to one side of the pack.

I knew I would be crafting when I got home, but I didn’t think I would be crafting for myself. I posted – a really long time ago – about the book One Yard Wonders and a few projects I wanted to do.  One of them was a heat pack. My back gives me a bit of trouble now and then, and I really love having a few heat packs around to keep relaxed. This one looked really handy because it just ties on. Plus, I could easily make more inserts so I always have another one to heat up.

A pocket for slipping the heat pack into. Oh, I love this fabric!

So one yard of fabric and two hours later, I am wrapped up in relaxing heat typing away. On the upside, this wasn’t totally selfish. I do need to make a heat pack for someone on my list, and this was a good way to test the pattern and make sure it turned out well. I also learned that lentils, rather than my usual choice of rice, work pretty well as filler.

Now I just need to get back on task and sew for others…wish me luck.

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