Start Small Follow-up: Snowflakes

I got this necklace from a swap a few years ago, but my darling daughter broke it. But I took fixing it as an opportunity to alter a few parts of it, and now I like it even better.

So I never officially announced a Start Small project for the week, but I still finished a good small project. The Model Magic snowflakes I made earlier in the week got a double coat of light blue glitter paint. I have to say, I like them even better now than before. Plus, it helped disguise my less-than-stellar rolling job. Originally, I was going to tie all of them onto a long piece of string to hang it from the dining room window. Instead I think I will hang a short string of lights in the window and hang the snowmen off of that. Hopefully the lights will mean they can be pretty and sparkly even when it’s dark. I always love creating something that is low-budget, but doesn’t look like it at first glance.

I also got a minor start on gifts today. I pulled a name from the tree at church. The girl mom and I chose wants jewelry for Christmas, so I went through my bead collection to figure out what I wanted to make for her. I’m getting pretty excited because I have some hot pink freshwater pearls that I think are going to make great earrings. I also got a 60 inch chain so I can create a super long necklace that can also be wrapped into a bracelet. While I was at it, I also repaired a necklace and bracelet that my daughter broke and I had just dumped into my craft room.

Oh, I can't get enough of this GLITTER! I love blue, I love glitter, I love snowflakes, so this is pretty much perfect.

Now for the rest of the night, I will be working on the crochet sweater I have been ignoring all week. Hopefully with the impending holiday I can get a bunch more done. Luckily, I have 90 percent of my holiday shopping done. Since I don’t have to spend any time running around panic shopping, I keep telling myself that frees up a lot of time to actually sew. As far as sharing what I’m working on, I know I’m in a bit of a pickle. I mentioned before that a good percentage of my giftees are also blog readers, so I can’t share full progress shots. But I will still share teasers and close-ups. And I will be sure to show larger pictures post-holiday.

With Thanksgiving this week, I’m sure you’ll all be busy. But hopefully you can still set aside some time to do something you love…I know I will. So I will be sure to update you all later in the week.

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