Up Late: SNOW!

Twenty minutes with a pencil will turn this hill into an okay drawing.

I did manage to go out with my husband while he was hunting. And I did manage one sketch. And then I managed to finally succumb (after a week of fighting) to pneumonia. Lovely. But now I am back on my feet and ready to share a few pictures.

It's a snowflake! In my hand!
Thirteen snowflakes and one round extra ornament. I will probably let L decorate it.

Just a simple project tonight…Model Magic snowflakes. I got the idea from Jill at Meet the Dubiens. So simple, but so pretty. Hers turned out much better, but I also plan on coating mine in a nice, light blue glitter. Then I am going to string them all together to create a snowflake garland for my dining room window. Sweet! And best of all — I finally feel like I am getting something holiday related done around here.

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