As of right now, I am taking my 15 minute break. I have about two hours left of work and I have a feeling when I get home I won’t want any computer time. So today I am sharing a quick sketch I did while I was insanely bored.

If you are looking for some wonderful inspiration, check out the links to two of my friends blogs. Abby (A.R. Tjaden) has been cruising all over Portland shooting fun photos and doing quick sketches. Her work is really fun to look at because it has such a wonderful, approachable feel. Carly (Naked Carly art) has been doing some really sweet progression series. She does a lot of multimedia work, and these posts show her process, step-by-step.

Tomorrow I will be going hunting with my husband. Which really means I will be sitting in the truck sketching and shooting photos. But I am hoping that means a more fruitful post tomorrow.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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