Inspiration vs. Clutter

A creative space with enough stuff to inspire, but not get in the way. Too bad this was my setup at the old house.

In case you couldn’t tell, clutter and general “stuff” has been on my mind a lot lately. I read a handful of blogs that center on a minimalist lifestyle. I wasn’t raised minimalist, currently don’t live that way, and don’t really plan on ever truly doing it. But there is a lot of wisdom to be found in many of the ideas and principles presented, and reading up has been a good way to keep me grounded in what “stuff” really matters. But that raises an interesting problem – where is the line between being prepared to craft and being a total supply hoarder?

A crochet stitch I haven't tried -- crocodile stitch. This awesome scarf was made by Yarn Muse. Now do I raid my current stash or buy new?

My house is just big enough that I have the luxury of an official craft room. Even though it’s the utility room and not even remotely glamorous, it has a ton of storage space and I don’t need to worry about spilling paint. That’s a lot more than many people get for their space. The downside of storage space is…having a place to put things. Like when yarn goes on sale and I buy 6 skeins for something later. Then I bury them in a cabinet, find them 3 months later. On one end, buying materials when they go on sale has been really helpful to me. The ability to whip up a gift at the last minute always comes in handy. Or if I see something sweet online that I want to try, I am usually able to do it without hitting the store.

Several factors have come into play in shifting how I think about the stash. Just like so many other parts of life, finding the right balance for me is key. When I was in college, I had a very limited stash of stuff, due to a very small space and an even smaller budget. But I still remember making really fun things all the time. Obviously, a never-ending budget isn’t a necessity. I really do want to keep a decent stash of goodies around for on-the-fly creations. But I do need to remind myself to keep things orderly and fresh.

If you’ve never thought about this before, think about it now. Where does the line between clutter and inspiration lie for you?

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