I’m Back!

The last thing I finished before vacation -- a dog sweater. Please don't judge me. That little guy is only three pounds. That doesn't leave much room for a good fat layer.

Well, I left without warning, but I swear it was with good reason. My husband, daughter and I went on vacation for a week and a half. And I’m just paranoid enough to believe that if I had announced it in advance, we would’ve come home to a robbery in progress. So my apologies to all of you. But I am back with a crafty vengeance!

While I was spending vacation time sitting on my grandma’s couch, I managed to make a pretty sweet scarf for a friend of mine. I did not take pictures of it, so just imagine something puffy, grey and warm. Very nice. I did also catch up on a TON of things I had saved on my RSS and got super-inspired for the upcoming holiday season. I saw ideas for decorations, gifts, foods and Christmas cards that would keep me busy well into retirement, but I managed to narrow it down into something more realistic. THe downside of all this? I can’t share pictures of items in progress because everyone I am making gifts for reads this blog. But I will share pictures of card making with my mini sweetie and other gifts that can’t be spoiled.

If you are also feeling the holiday crafting itch, you’re in luck. Sew Mama Sew has started their 5th Annual Handmade Holidays! If you haven’t visited the site for previous Holidays, you will loooove what they do. Tons of gift ideas with tutorials, recipes and free printables. If you are not crafty, still visit for the links to assorted shops selling handmade goods.

Now I only have one obstacle to overcome — the dreaded Father gifts! My Dad and Father-in-law are both a little difficult. Mostly because I don’t want to bake anything for either of them when I know they will already be mobbed with sweet treats. But hopefully my incessant internet wanderings will lead me to something that is perfect.

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