Up Late: Kicking butt and making plans

Why a picture of a box of stuff? Because I met my goal, and you know what that means…

…I get my books!!! There was a post on design*sponge mentioning Barnes and Noble was discounting the book I mentioned in this post. After some digging, I figured out I could get BOTH the books I want for the final list price of Sew Wild alone. So I kicked into high gear and finished out my July goal early. I scoured the house and added a few more things to the garage sale pile. I also have Friday off, so I can spend a few hours getting my craft room pulled back together. Then I can pull together a great post for the final installment of Make Changes.

In the spirit of keeping my Wednesdays crafty, I went through my stash, found fabrics and assigned each to a project. Now I just need to start cutting…

I'm shooting to complete this over the weekend. When I bought this fabric, I knew I wanted to make a dress out of it, and now I have the perfect pattern.
An adorable bear pillow for the inevitable big girl bed. The bonus -- this fabric came from a blazer I got at Montana Vintage for cheap.
I'm not sure if my baby likes ellies, but I sure do. This vintage fabric will be a perfect match for this little guy.
I knew I wanted to make something for myself with this fabric, and this is it. I do need a new heatpack. After all, I will probably be sore after all this sewing.


    1. Between outlining projects and getting my craft room back in order, I’m pretty happy with how the weekend is going. I just love finding the “perfect” projects for fabrics I’ve been hoarding.

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