Start Small: the joy of finding a new book


It doesn't matter if you've been sewing for years, or you've never even touched a sewing machine -- you need to check this book out.


My couch could really use some personality. And I could learn how to do smocking at the same time.

Sometimes, I really love the local library. I was cruising through the craft books last week, and I found a copy of a book I had seen a few times online. The downside of craft books is no matter how good or bad the reviews, your skill level may lead you to totally disagree…and that’s why I generally don’t buy craft books online. Luckily, with this wave of interest in crafts, the library is getting some new and very fun books. So this is how I finally got to flip through One-Yard Wonders.* 

This is probably a good idea considering the last two weeks.

There are many collections out there of things to sew with small pieces of fabric. Sadly, most of them are baby bibs, baby booties, oven mitts and twelve “different” pillows. But this book isn’t like that at all. After just one pass through the book, I have 15 things marked I want to make. Even though I can’t life my sewing machine right now, I’m not going to let that slow me down. Wednesday night, I am going to finish cutting large panels for the baby girl quilt I’m working on. I can also cut out pieces for whatever one-yard wonder I decide to make. Then, once my husband gets home, I can get my sewing center downstairs re-established and get to the sewing part of things.

My lady can never have too many clothes, right? And this jumper would be cute year-round.

So now the tough part — which one yard wonder do I make first? What are your thoughts?

* To give credit where it’s due, this book was written by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins. Check out their respective websites, Hazel and Melvin’s Room and Crafty Planet.

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