Thank you Netflix for fueling a late-night craft bender

Oh, what could I have made?....

SPOILER ALERT! If I know you, and you are expecting twins, you may not want to read this post.

Who couldn't love cute little goldfish?

Well, it took more time than planned, but I finally got baby booties made. My plan was to do little embroidered decorations, then assemble them by machine. The suggested decorations were kind of girly, and these are meant for twin boys. I figured little fish and circles are probably an improvement over flowers and bows.

Geometric patterns are a great choice for baby gifts just can't go wrong with them.

Once I got to thinking about it, I realized since I’m still not supposed to be lifting anything, getting my sewing machine from the bedroom to the dining room and up on the table probably shouldn’t happen. Luckily, booties are a good size for hand-sewing, and that makes them the perfect project for “taking it easy”. So after the little lady went to bed, I fired up Pulp Fiction and finished assembly. It feels really good to get something done, especially after the last few weeks.

Looking forward, I have a pretty crazy week of work ahead of me. I also have to get ready to launch into my version of the eight-week home cure. So I need to think of something pretty simple and quick to craft this week. And since I have to work tomorrow, I had better head to bed and sleep on it.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

There you have it: one cute, but not-too-matchy twin gift.

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