Firestarter Friday: Getting ready for an inspiration weekend

Sweet new fabrics and awesome reading. Sounds like one sweet weekend!

After a lot of waiting and dreaming, I finally made it back to my favorite fabric store in town. Even better — I managed to spend 45 minutes in there and not blow my budget. Craziness! Combine that with a very successful trip to the library, and I have an awesome weekend ahead.

The two fabrics at the top were far too cool to pass up. Now they will live in my stash. The other two are for some lucky babies.

I’ve talked on and off about the baby quilts I am working on, and I finally have all the fabric I need, including the backing. After I get baby gifts out of the way, it will be time to take a small break from sewing and focus on home decorating projects. Just like any good DIY-er, I have a list of things I need to complete that is a mile long. Patching the living room wall, hanging a shelf in my bathroom, framing and hanging art…all things that need to get done and I am done procrastinating with.

To get into the spirit of making our home a fun, creative place that reflects all our personalities, I got a few new books to flip through over the weekend. My goal is that in getting our house pulled together (after a year of living here) that I will have more energy to focus on crafting and painting.

This weekend, you should find inspiration as well. Go to the library and find new recipes to try. Walk around downtown and take photos to sketch from. Even just collect paint chips and magazine pages for a home decorating projects. All of these are great first steps for creating great things…but only if you actually work at bringing them to life.

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