When something really simple goes wrong…


Hey, those look okay! But don't get your hopes up.


I don’t think I could call this an EPIC craft fail, but I was pretty pissed off when it happened. This fabric book was something I bought about two years ago, when I was still pregnant. I love fabric books and new it would be a perfect toy when she got a bit bigger. About three weeks ago, I finally decided I had spent enough time farting around. So I got out the book, cut it up, being very sure to cut in the right spots. I cut up my pieces of batting and then dove in.

In the interest of making this a quick project, I sewed all three page sets together. Then I figured I would turn all three out, then stitch them closed and assemble. Simple, right? Not even close. I trimmed the corners on the first page, went to turn it and realized what I had done…I had sandwiched the batting in between the right sides of the fabric. So if I were to turn them out, one page would be totally covered by batting.

Yes, I did that. All you sewers out there may now giggle. And then breathe a sigh of relief because you're not the only one who screws up really, really easy stuff.

Knowing what my temper can be, I calmly picked everything up and put it downstairs. I’ve tried ripping out stitches when I’m upset – it never goes well. So now that some time has gone by, and I may be ready to pull the stitches out and try again.

This is a fairly minor screw-up in the world of crafting. However, considering my amount of sewing experience it was a pretty irritating one. But the lesson of this is, no matter what you screw up or how badly, keep moving forward. In the great scheme of things, it’s probably really minor.

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