Hey! I got something done this week!

The teeniest, tiniest lime tart slice for my sweet little lady. Food spoiled is the best kind of spoiled.

Until about ten minutes ago, I was feeling pretty down about not much creativity happening this week. Other than a few friendship bracelets and some sketches, I actually followed doctors orders and took it easy. Just when I was about to skip today’s post, thinking I had nothing yo share, I realized I baked today!

Thanks to my trusty BHG cookbook and a surplus of limes from two weeks of bountiful baskets, I baked a lime tart. Best of all, no crazy amounts of sugar meant that wonderful, citrusy bite stayed totally intact. I also made an apple fig tart and really yummy basil popovers.

For this week, I am still supposed to me taking it easy. But with my husband heading back on the road, I’m going to need to apply those doctor’s orders pretty loosely. Mostly my plan involves picking up the Little Lady only when I really need to, and focus on chair-friendly crafts. Slowly, but surely, I will get back into perfect crafting shape. And then I will be unstoppable.

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