Firestarter: Make Changes part 3

It's clean! Relatively clean!!!

I guess a good subtitle for this post would be Stage One complete. When it comes to decluttering and making this house a home, there are a few things I need to keep repeating in my head so I don’t go insane. First, most good things take a lot of time and small steps. Second, decluttering is never truly done. So with those two things in mind, I am calling July a success.

Despite the fact that I still need to get my desk and chair back downstairs, I have managed to put everything back where it belongs. Now I can actually go downstairs to sew or paint. It’s pretty hard to work on a project when a toddler can pull a chair up next to the table and “help”. As you can see from the picture at the top, I have a pretty decent seating area, but with a stand-in chair for now. As we get help, soon my sewing desk and drafting table will also return to their rightful places, and I can get back to working full swing. But since pictures speak volumes more on this matter, let me share a few…

The first thing you see in my room. A warm spot for the dog, and my super basic inspiration wall. My plans are to start adding some color to the concrete and hang that corkboard up somehwere else...later.
My fabric cabinets. These will need some dividers at some point, since this is about half my stash. But it works for now.


A brief interruption for bus time.


A new set of drawers from my awesome husband. Not sure what they will hold yet, but they are still perfect.
A sweet discovery -- yarn. I have two whole skiens leftover from my sister-in-laws Christmas present, and they are a wonderful shade of red.
My own personal favorite accomplishment of the day. I now have two inboxes right next to the door, one for papers and one for supplies. Now, I can dump supplies and run back upstairs. But once they are full, I have to put everything away.

You can also clearly see from this picture, my craft room is far from glamorous. I think so often, we hear those two words together and envision some glorious loft where sunshine is always streaming in perfectly and all walls have custom-built cabinets. My thought is why waste all that money when you can blow it on supplies? I say get mismatched thrift store goods, and take over whatever space you can. Better to have a craft area now and use it than spend forever mooning over the “perfect” space.

And we all know I will destroy this space again…it’s what I do. But as long as I keep coming back to creating, I will be happy.

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