Giveaway Day Winner!

May Giveaway Day gave me a prize too — one thousand unique page views in three days. Awesome!!! So now I will cut to the chase and announce the winner. Congrats to Evelene Sterling. Her answers to my questions:

I liked the placemat for the hot lunch you did for Start Small Craft. That would be great for anything microwaved so the fingers aren’t so hot. For the Firestart Friday I would say that you might want to do a review of someone’s work you love. Thanks for a chance to win some pretty clips for the hair.

Thanks to everyone for the great comments and suggestions. It’s always nice to get feedback when you’re putting a lot of work in. So now I just need to borrow some ideas for tomorrows Firestarter post — it’s sure to be another late one. Everyone hang in there. The week is almost up.

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