Up Late: not crafting, just planning

Half a mile from the house, this sweet little canal now looks like a raging river.

Looking for May Giveaway Day (even though it’s nearly over)? Check out the post just before this one.

For those of you not living anywhere near eastern Montana, it’s been a bit crazy here. We average two inches of rain in May…we’ve had over eight. Over the weekend, they decided to close the bridge down the road from our house. To make it even better, if the Yellowstone floods, we run the risk of being stranded in town. It is 11/100 of an inch away from flood stage, and we are set for more rain tonight. If you want to see some crazy pictures, read more details or find out how you can help local flood victims, check out the coverage.

So now that you’ve listened to my rant, you know why I have no cool crafts to show. Between planning for the worst and work, I have been stressed like crazy. And I know I always say crafting is great stress relief, but for now, Just planning for crafts is working. And reading all the great Giveaway Day comments has really been lifting my spirits. So with no Start Small project even chosen, and no calm in sight for the week, this week of blogging will be interesting. But I will think of something fun and crafty and less depressing. Like drawing a WINNER tomorrow!!! I think it’s tomorrow…I had better double-check.

Anyway, I had better get some sleep. Need to be alert when the roads flood again. Thanks to you all for your understanding in my lapse of interestingness.

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