May Giveaway Day!


Some really cute barettes are the perfect way to perk up any outfit.
So many great, earthy colors to choose from.

For those of you visiting my blog for the first time vis Sew Mama Sew, welcome. And to you repeat visitors, I’m glad to see you return. For the first time ever, I am taking part in the SMS May Giveaway Day. It’s a wonderful event where hundreds of bloggers and shop owners give away their handmade goods and all sorts of fun supplies.

All different patterns and rich colors. There are a lot of cool things waiting to be made with these bits of cloth.

For my prize, I am offering one of my handmade, 100% wool barettes, seen at the top of this post. I am not giving those ones away though — I am custom-making one for the lucky winner! Whoever I choose will pick out 2-3 colors from my wool felt stash and some accents from my floss collection. I will also be throwing in a handful of cotton scraps, perfect for anyone who loves small scrap projects. This includes 17 squares of fabrics and a few strips as well, all remainders from sample quilts made by my favorite fabric store. Finally, I will be throwing in a suprise…just because I love surprises.

Little scraps, big fun.

But how do you win this fun package of goodies? Simple — comment on this post and answer two questions. First, what is your favorite Start Small craft I have done? Second, what topic would you like to see covered in a future Firestarter Friday post? There are links to both categories on the right. Answers to both of these questions will be really helpful to me in improving this blog, so I will personally read every single one. Please bear in mind that I approve all posts, so your may not actually appear for a bit. I will announce the winner and contact that person on Wednesday. Be sure to enter your email address — I would hate to see a winner passed over because I can’t get a hold of you.

I look forward to your feedback. Happy Monday to you all!


  1. Loved the tiny elephants! How about a Friday post on a topic people vote on the previous week?
    bunchofbees at gmail dot com

  2. the felt is so pretty. i am just starting to get into felt because i am starting to make felt foods after i finish my current set of projects lol

  3. The tiny elephants are waaay too cute.

    How about letting your readers decide what Friday’s post will be about? On Monday, suggest a couple of topics and see what sort of response you get. That might work. 🙂

  4. I really liked the So you think you can’t draw post. How about you post simple drawing projects on Fridays that people could do. I would like to see more of those. Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. I love felt & I love hair “doodlies” (that’s what we call ’em in my family”). So your giveaway really made me smile.
    The Start Small project that I like best is the decorated cigarette tins. As for the Friday Firestarter I wouldd like to
    How other people organize their ideas….I carry a notebook everywhere I go but I am sure there are other ways.

  6. love the elephants but I think they would be too hard. I would probably make the coaster for my lunch.



  7. So I love the mug rugs and the tiny flowers. I’m not entirely sure what the firestarter friday’s are. Maybe include a link at the bottom of each post as to what it is and how you got started doing it. Thanks fore the fun giveaway!

  8. Love the elephant!
    Friday feature: how about creative uses for felt for scrapbook embellies! 🙂
    I’m really loving felt right now. I use it to make scrapbook embellies!!!!!
    thanks also for a chance to win!

  9. I really love your rug!!! That is a neat ‘start small’ project!

    I really love the hair clip, too. Would love to win:) And pick some colors for it! How fun.

  10. I love the tiny elephants! As for a post, I’m not sure! I kind of stopped updating my own blog until I figure out what *I* want to post about, lol!
    myheehaw at hotmail dot com

  11. I really liked the little baby hat that you added the crochet flowers to dress it up a bit.
    I would like to see more ideas in the friday posts about dressing up plain clothes for little ones to make them really cute.

  12. I actually love the little elephants! How about a Friday post for a weekend craft we can finish in under an hour? Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. CUTE! I know the perfect little girl to surprise with a barrette.
    The scraps look like they’ll be super fun to play around with.

  14. I liked the placemat for the hot lunch you did for Start Small Craft. That would be great for anything microwaved so the fingers aren’t so hot. For the Firestart Friday I would say that you might want to do a review of someone’s work you love. Thanks for a chance to win some pretty clips for the hair. bimbi9 at verizon dot net

  15. I like the dress you made for start small. I’m kind of confused as to what the Firestarter Fridays are, too. I’m guessing its just kind of a “go out there and do it!” inspiration. Which is awesome! I always like to see different perspectives on creativity so maybe you could do some interviews. I do love those hair pins. They’re one of my favorite giveaways I’ve seen so far.

  16. Lovely! Thanks for the chance.
    I haven’t tried any, but keep thinking about the elephants.

    I’d love to see a tea cozy.

  17. I love the flower reversible dress!!! So adorable! And I love the Firestarter Friday! I would love to draw! I can mess up a stick figure! There are so many things you can do with a drawing now adays! I have poked around a bit this am. I am new to blogs and enjoyed yours! People want them to “join” and I have no idea what that entails! One thing I love about blogs so far are the Tutorials!! I love to see them. Hope this helps! KERIHAG@YAHOO.COM

  18. I love the Tiny Elephant, and am in awe because I can’t crochet! I would like to see info on using felt. Thanks for a chance!

  19. Very cute clips!
    I like the crocheted flowers on the white hat for the Start Small posts and maybe some organizational ideas for the Firestarter Fridays so we can be more productive.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  20. I liked the little elephants. And, agree with an earlier commenter about more animals. For example, the buttons at incomparable buttons are all different insects animals etc.

  21. I just found your blog! That’s what I love about SMS giveaway day! I loved your start small that was a sewing project (kinda like what some people call a mugrug, but I think it was larger, cos you mentioned taking your lunch). Love the fabric colors and the hand stitching!
    For a Friday topic, could you do a tut on how to make those cool felt hair “pretties”? I am always stoked to learn a new craft!

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