The last tiny elephants I will ever make

These things are so stinking cute, but they are still killing my fingers. I had images in my head of making herds of these things. But I can say the cute doesn’t outweigh the aching fingers. I made a buddy for my existing ellie, and another for a friend at work. And I’m calling it quits.

I can tell you the giveaway will not be for a tiny crochet elephant.

Also, I wanted to let all of you know there will be a bit of a change in the posting lineup this week. Tomorrow, instead off announcing my start small craft of the week, I will be sharing a giveaway post. If none of you have been to Sew Mama Sew yet, you should really stop by. Every year, they host May Giveaway Day where bloggers from all over give away handmade goods and supplies. So after you try out my giveaway, check out their VERY extensive list of other bloggers who are participating. Just so no one misses out (and I don’t lose motivation) I will have my regular Monday post on Tuesday.

Hope to see you all back here tomorrow for giveaway day!

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