Start Small: bathroom bag

The old bathroom bag that needs to go. It doesn't look so bad here, but it really is on it's last leg.

My darling husband travels a lot. If any of you have ever had a job like that, you know what tons of travel does to your luggage. Well, after years of spills and being squished, his bathroom bag is shot. So he asked me to make him a new one. I already pushed that request back about two weeks, so it’s high time for me to get it in gear.

To add another layer of fun to this project, I am making it a stashbuster project — no buying supplies. Not even thrifted ones. I know a few years ago I bought some vinyl table covers at Target for cheap. So cheap it almost seemed wrong. Well, one of them has green stripes, which is the closest thing I have to any manly material. It may only be a bathroom bag, but I don’t think flowers or paisley are the way to go. Never mind that I don’t know exactly where I stashed this vinyl. I know it’s out there. So this week it will be Start Small Part 1: Finding materials and Start Small Part 2: Make my man a bathroom bag!

Sadly, the picture above is all I have on the topic of start small crafting. Not terribly exciting, especially since this is  supposed to be an inspiring blog about being creative. So I will give you a bonus picture…another shot from Art Alley in Rapid City, SD.

I can't tell which person is my favorite. But I can tell you they look pretty awesome stacked together.

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