Start Small craft: coupon follow-up

Cut out card stock -- I am so living on the edge.

I went pretty easy on this project. When I first got started, I had visions of glitter and crazy colors and general coupon insanity. But then I thought more carefully. I decided that the better route would be to make something moderately cool, but more functional. Since these will be seen so rarely, even by me, I decided the time could be better spent on other things. Especially since I have promised my dear husband a new bath kit for the road, I still owe a friend some crocheted ellies (B., I SWEAR you are on my list) and I have a birthday party in a few weeks. But I am getting sidetracked. Here are my not-so-glorious, but still very nice coupon holder dividers.

When I arrange them like that, it looks like I decorated them all.

I just went through my stash and cut up random bits of paper. It’s mostly plain and textured card, but I also threw in the only piece of scrap booking paper I own and a really old (and pretty terrible) watercolor I did. Then I took a corner punch to jazz them up a bit. Here and there over the course of the week, I would decorate a bit. As I said, I took it pretty easy. But the bonus of that is, I have something to doodle on later. I did the labeling with a combo of stamps, paint pens, Sharpies and glitter gel pens.

Closeup! I already feel excited for grocery shopping.

So you know what that means? A night of sorting coupons! Yes, I am a dork…but it gives me something to keep my hands busy while we catch the last episode of Chopped All Stars. I have a fidgeting problem and really can’t watch much TV without doing something else.

My contribution to The Sketchbook Project 2011.

Oh, before I forget…it’s teaser time! Late last year, I jumped on board for the Sketchbook Project 2011. I just got an email that someone checked out my book. so Annie S., whoever you are — thank you and enjoy! I love the feeling. Someone wanted to spend their free time with my sketchbook. 😀 There is not a big enough emoticon to express this! So since I am feeling awesome and inspired, this Friday I will post pictures of some of the sketchbook pages and I will talk about the processes and thoughts behind them.

I hope you all had a wonderful, creative weekend. Get your last few creative moments in, because tomorrow we are back to the grind.

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