Firestarter Friday: Unexpected beauty

Art Alley 2008

A great number of artists will tell you that just walking around and soaking in the world around can be the greatest source of inspiration. I am lucky to work downtown where there are many galleries, antique stores and historic buildings, so I am always walking around and getting new ideas. Even when I am away from home, I love to wander and see what kind of interesting treasures have been hidden away.

One of my favorites to date is Art Alley in downtown Rapid City, South Dakota. My husband and I went there for our first anniversary (not just the alley, the Black Hills). If you are ever in the area, I suggest you check it out. Graffiti art is a classic example of bad behavior ruining public perception of an art form. Don’t get me wrong, I think defacing property is wrong. But among all the people writing nasty words and leaving crass drawings, there are people with real talent. Given a good outlet that a community can get behind, great and beautiful pieces can be brought to light. Art Alley is a great example of just that. So enjoy a few snapshots and then get outside and wander.

The best portrait in the alley.
Words to live by.

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