Weekly Journal Prompt, Week Seven

02 16 2014 weekly journal prompt week seven

So I had an accident. A frappe accident. While driving home a few weeks ago, the lid on my drink malfunctioned and half a giant blended iced coffee filled my lap. Best of all, I was on the interstate with my kids so I sucked it up for the last six miles of the drive. Unfortunately, my phone was in my lap. It actually survived, but the speaker is now permanently at about 25% volume. Plus, at 7 years old, it’s a phone dinosaur. Now I hate going into the cell phone store. There is a long list of reasons, but I hate, hate, hate it. After doing all my research online, I was able to keep my in-store visit very short. But it did give me something to journal about…


You can write about new versus old, things you love, things you hate or just draw a vintage piece of technology. As with all other themes, it is very open-ended. In my case, it involved a bit of venting about how people act with their phones. I feel better now! And soon, I will actually have a phone I can hear when it rings.

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